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April 2024

17 Apr

Michelle Phan’s Em Cosmetics Readies for a Comeback

There may be life after L’Oréal. Michelle Phan, the pioneering social-media guru, is bringing back Em Cosmetics, the makeup brand she originally introduced in 2013 with the French conglomerate and that was acquired in 2015 by Ipsy, the influencer-fueled beauty subscription service she cofounded. During a Facebook Live session with Ipsy last month, Phan offered a glimpse on the resurrected Em Cosmetics, revealing it is going to feature “really great formulations,” retooled packaging and a latest philosophy. “The inspiration of Em shall be built on a extremely strong philosophy [of] what beauty is and the science behind beauty, too,” she said. On Instagram feeds for Phan and Em Cosmetics, and the brand’s web page, a refurbished brand logo has appeared that appears like...
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