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6 Oct

50 Best Erotic Thrillers of All Time – Rolling

50 Best Erotic Thrillers of All Time – Rolling

From lurid Eighties noirs to sleazy Nineties suspense flicks, Fatal Attraction to Wild Things — the best thrillers designed to make your pulse race and your palms sweat

When Fair Play, Chloe Domont’s splendidly salacious thriller, premiered at Sundance this past January, festival audiences immediately reacted to this tale of two financial analysts gunning for a golden-ticket client and C-suite brass ring. It wasn’t just the now-notorious opening scene of a pair getting it on in the lavatory during a marriage, or the kinks that keeps a secret relationship between these competitive Wall Street sharks in maximum-horny mode, and even the looming threat of violence lurking around every downtown Latest York corner. What people keyed into was the throwback thrill that Domont and her leads (Alden Ehrenreich and Phoebe Dynevor) were channeling so beautifully. This was a trashy, panting corporate drama set in 2023 that looked and acted prefer it was still 1993. It was the proper recreation of a vintage erotic thriller.

Whether or not Fair Play — which begins streaming on Netflix today — brings back this disreputable, much-maligned genre or not, it’s protected to say that erotic thrillers are experiencing an enormous resurgence of interest. You possibly can credit You Must Remember This, Karina Longworth’s popular Hollywood-history podcast that’s been doing a deep dive into these sleazy, saxophone-soundtracked potboilers from the Eighties and ’90s, a.k.a. the genre’s Golden Age, during the last 12 months. It could possibly be that moviegoers bemoaning the dearth of sex on screens today have rediscovered yesteryear’s hot-and-heavy handwringers in an effort to scratch that itch. Or it’d simply be nostalgia for an anything-but-simpler time. Regardless, these often controversial, almost all the time problematic movies are once more making pulses race and palms sweat.

Which suggests, naturally, that it’s the proper time to rank the trashiest, the sexiest, probably the most sordid, and the straight-up best erotic thrillers of all time. What surprised us throughout the making of this list was not only what the definition of term meant when it got here to what did or didn’t qualify, however the indisputable fact that these kinds of movies have been around longer than you’re thinking that. (There are several key E.T.s here that predate the Reagan-to-Bush-I–era heyday.) From swampy sleazefests to high-temp neo-noirs, Fatal Attraction to Cruel Intentions, these 50 movies remind you that there are few things that movies appear to love greater than sex and death. Especially whenever you pair the 2 together and allow them to just have at one another in a back alleyway to the sound of wailing saxophones.

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