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30 Sep

9 Last-Minute Essence Festival Ready Hairstyles

9 Last-Minute Essence Festival Ready Hairstyles

We are only eight days away from Essence Festival, and in the event you haven’t secured that hair appointment yet, chances are you’ll be in trouble. You must be photo-ready but additionally have to beat the Latest Orleans heat. Should you can’t get in your hairstylist’s books with this short notice, it might be time to hit the wonder supply store and YouTube University. 

You’ll want a method that is simple to put in, lasts the 4-day duration of the festival, and keeps you cool. That being said, avoid anything too intricate. Should you know you cant flat braid on yourself, don’t try now. As a substitute, go for a fast slick back braid or extension ponytail that may be added or removed quickly. Also, we recommend staying away from long weaves or wigs. They may make you sweat, which can cause the hair to matte and curl. We want the hair laid from brunch until the late-night comedy show. So, go for a cute short bob that’s breezy, chic, and low-maintenance.

And in the event you are God’s favorite and might braid your personal hair, Jumbo box braids or straight backs are a festival-ready go-to. They may last you the entire trip and are easy to style and accessorize. Should you weren’t gifted with the hands of a braider, that’s okay too. Crochet styles are one other great option for a fast install you may do yourself. And if all else fails, go natural! That is Essence Festival, in any case. We wish to see all of the wash & go TWA’s, coily fros, and slick back buns.

In need of some visual inspiration? We got you covered with Essence Fest-approved styles you ought to be rocking for a fuss-free festival moment.

Jumbo Knotless Braids

Wish to add a bit extra pop to your jumbo braids? Add a pop of color, intricate parting, or adorn with beads and clips.

Quick Braid or Ponytail

A protracted pony or braid gives you all of the drama while keeping cool. 

Straight Backs

No-fuss with this classic summer hairstyle. Throw on some hoops, and you’re ready for whatever weather or turn-up Essence Fest throws at you.

Jumbo Twist

Should you need a boho vibe but don’t know methods to braid, jumbo twists are the route it is best to take.

Wash & Go

Should you are all the way down to the wire, come as you’re with twists, coils, and curls. That is Essence Festival, in any case—a secure space for all naturals.

Crochet Faux Locs

Crochets styles are a holy grail for last-minute styling. There are tons of options to pick from, and there are lots of beginner-friendly install methods. Should you go for faux locs, it’ll appear to be you place in a variety of effort if you didn’t. 

Slick Back Bun/ Puff

Tried and true, you understand that a slick back puff or bun will hold you down if nothing else will!

Bob Wig

Easy and breezy, the bob gives high fashion without even trying. Throw on a fitted cap, and it’s a streetwear moment while blocking the rays.

Quick Weave

If you’ve the resources and aren’t someone susceptible to sweating, a fast weave with minimal leave-out is a terrific alternative to a silk press. We wish the straight hair to make it to the tip of the festival.

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