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21 Nov

All Of The Times Celebrity Friends Looked Out For

All Of The Times Celebrity Friends Looked Out For

Nearly a decade ago Lil Wayne was swimming in tax debt, to the tune of $7 million to be exact, and was facing a contract dispute with Birdman‘s Money Money Records. Despite doling out a long time value of hits and having fun with immense success, times were hard for Wayne. Fortunately, Jay Z was there to support his friend during his time of need.

In a video, Lil Wayne expressed his gratitude for a “real friend” like JAY-Z, who apparently stepped in to pay the back taxes. While acting on the ultimate stop of his “I Ain’t [expletive] Without You” tour in Chicago in 2018, the Recent Orleans rapper said Jay Z helped him sort through the mountain of debt, and in addition acknowledged that Swizz Beatz assisted as well. Wayne said the producer sent him “every beat he make and wish me to rap on each one until I got my situation straight.”

This is only one example of how famous friends have helped one another of their when facing money challenges. We rounded up a couple of other examples because good friends deserve their flowers.

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