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1 Aug

Attending your first music festival? 12 essentials it is

Attending your first music festival? 12 essentials it is

Photo provided by Adobe Stock

Are you about to dive headfirst into the mind-blowing world of music festivals? Well, this text is here to offer you a virtual high-five and assure you that you have made a wonderful alternative.

A music festival is not just concerning the performances. It’s a stunning mix of art, fashion, shared energy and a complete lot of music. Prepare for a kaleidoscope of unforgettable experiences waiting to be discovered, like delicious food-truck cuisine, impromptu dance-offs, late-night campfire singalongs and making lifelong friends.

Still, it may’t be sugarcoated. As exhilarating as a festival might be, it’s a whirlwind which will leave you dazed and confused should you’re unprepared. That is where this guide is useful. It’s a compiled a checklist of the essentials you will need, dropped at you by some truly remarkable brands that’ll assist you dance through your first festival experience like a seasoned pro. 

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1. All of the styling advice Editorialist has to supply

The very first thing to take into consideration in relation to festival prep? The fashions! Let’s dive into a mode essential that always gets neglected when packing your most fun outfits: the classic white t-shirt. You might ask, “Is not that a bit too easy for a festival?” Well, the reply is a powerful no! The great thing about a white tee lies in its infinite versatility — and in your ability to tug it off. That’s why Editorialist went through all the difficulty of telling you learn how to style a white t-shirt and jeans.

A white t-shirt is your blank canvas. Along with looking classic and incredible with jeans, it may be incorporated into any aesthetic your heart desires. Pair it along with your colourful, patterned shorts, throw in an announcement necklace and voila! You’ve gotten a stylish, laid-back festival look. Or perhaps wrap a flannel shirt across the waist, add a classy hat and prepare for a cool evening jam.

Remember, sometimes less is more, and this classic tee will prove just that. A white t-shirt is just not only a garment, it’s a possibility for creative expression. So, let versatile basics like these be your go-to, allowing you to shine in all of your festival photos.

2. A method to keep the memory alive with Lapel Pins and Coins

Now, let’s speak about mementos. Sure, your phone will likely be full of photos and videos, but there’s something truly special a few tangible keepsake you possibly can hold in your hands long after the music’s last echoes have faded.

This is the reason Lapel Pins and Coins offers custom challenge coins to assist commemorate special events. Each coin is thoughtfully designed and thoroughly crafted to grow to be a cherished token of an unforgettable experience.

Whether you retain it in a special box or display it proudly in your mantle, this coin will likely be a bit piece of the festival that stays with you. Every time you see it, you will be immediately transported back to the crowds, the music, the energy … and most significantly, the enjoyment of attending your very first music festival.

3. A method to beat your aches and pains with Sunmed


Photo provided by Sunmed

Festivals are all fun and games until you get up with those dreaded aches and pains. Dancing till dawn, wandering from stage to stage and even sleeping in a tent can leave your body pleading for some TLC. That is where Sunmed CBD cream steps in.

CBD has taken the wellness world by storm and for good reason. In the case of soothing those drained muscles and joints, Sunmed’s CBD cream is a festival-goer’s best friend. Easy to use and quick to soak up, it is your personal masseuse in a tube.

Don’t let discomfort take away out of your festival experience. Pack Sunmed’s CBD cream in your kit, and keep the great times rolling — and dancing!

4. The Beard Club’s beard oil to tame your man mane


Photo provided by The Beard Club

Hey, fellas! You have not been forgotten. In case you’re flaunting a beard, you would possibly already know that festivals might be tough in your cherished facial fuzz. The dust, sweat and general revelry can leave your beard feeling more like a bristly broom than a soft cloud.

Plus, should you’re attending an extended festival, you most likely won’t find the time and space to shave comfortably. Even should you show up baby-faced and clean-shaven, depending on how quickly your facial hair grows, you might end up in a little bit of a situation by the week’s end. Don’t be concerned — The Beard Club’s beard oil is here to assist. 

This is not just any beard oil. The Beard Club’s beard oil keeps your beard feeling soft, looking shiny, and — let’s not forget — smelling implausible. It’s designed to maintain your beard in prime condition, even within the midst of festival chaos.

5. Navi’s best deals on phone service so that you don’t miss a beat

Festivals are about disconnecting from the mundane, but staying connected along with your crew is crucial. Losing track of your folks amidst the throng could be a nightmare — not to say the stress and frustration that may come from not with the ability to pull up an updated schedule or being unable to FaceTime your best friend if you’re seeing their favorite band live. That is where Navi steps in to assist you find the best phone deals.

Navi understands that reliable phone service is as much a component of your festival survival kit as your sunscreen or water bottle. With Navi, you get a deal that suits your pocket and ensures you stay connected when it matters most. Navi has got your back, whether you are coordinating with friends, calling for a late-night ride or sharing unforgettable moments on social media.

Stay in contact, share your experiences and profit from every moment with Navi. In spite of everything, you didn’t come to a music festival to emphasize over signal strength, did you?

6. Bluebird Hardwater to avoid a mega post-festival hangover 


Photo provided by Bluebird Hardwater

Ah, festivals and drinks — a classic combo. Still, not all festival beverages are created equal. In case you’re mindful about what goes into your body, Bluebird Hardwater‘s canned mixed drinks are only what you wish … and even should you’re not, passing up on sugar-heavy beers and cocktails may also help with the inevitable hangovers if you overindulge.

Bluebird Hardwater’s canned mixed drinks are free from unnecessary additives and sugars, so you possibly can enjoy your festival without worrying about feeling weighed down afterward. So, raise a can to good times and unforgettable festival experiences with Bluebird Hardwater!

7. Marleylilly’s personalized tote bags


Photo provided by Marleylilly

At a music festival, you are continuously on the move. You are dancing, exploring, and meeting latest people … and the very last thing you should worry about is learn how to carry all of your essentials. Unfortunately, a lot of the same old options for keeping every part you would possibly need in your person look pretty uncool in your Instagram photos. Enter Marleylilly’s personalized tote bags

A far cry from those unwieldy backpacks, these tote bags are stylish and practical. They’re spacious enough to carry your belongings yet compact enough to not hamper your moves on the dance floor. With Marleylilly, you are getting a tote bag that is not only an adjunct but a mode statement.

Plus, let’s not forget personalization. With Marleylilly, your tote bag won’t just be one other bag — it’ll be uniquely yours. Carry your festival essentials in style, stand out from the gang and make every moment count with personalized tote bags that express what makes you you.

8. Feel good all festival long with O Positiv

Music festivals might be exhausting. With the non-stop dancing, the late-night festivities and all those delicious yet not-so-nutritious food truck meals, it is simple to feel a bit rundown. But that is where O Positiv‘s vitamins and supplements come into play. 

A fun-filled festival weekend doesn’t have to go away you feeling depleted. With their range of vitamins and supplements, you possibly can keep your energy levels up and your health in check. Consider these as your secret weapon to completely benefit from the festival and bounce back once it’s over.

Don’t just survive your first music festival — thrive! With O Positiv’s vitamins and supplements in your festival bag, you will be dancing like no person’s watching while still taking excellent care of yourself. Now, that is what we call festival prep!

9. Guizio’s black corset to slay in style

At a festival, fashion is greater than just what you wear. It’s the way you express yourself. It’s the way you stand out in the gang. What higher method to do this than with a surprising black corset set from Guizio?

This black corset set is greater than only a clothing item — it’s an announcement piece. It screams boldness, confidence and a splash of that rebel spirit that each festival calls for. With its fascinating design and comfy fit, this corset set will keep you looking chic and feeling fabulous throughout the festival.

Turn heads and make an announcement. With Guizio’s black corset set, you’ll own the night!

10. July’s best carry on luggage


Photo provided by July

Packing for a music festival can feel like preparing for a month-long expedition. Clothes, toiletries, camping gear, snacks … the list goes on. Thankfully, July makes the best carry on luggage, so the packing a part of your festival experience will likely be a breeze. 

Say goodbye to the stress of cramming all of your essentials into an inadequate bag. July’s carry-on luggage is all about making travel easy and efficient. It’s designed to carry every part you wish while still being light enough to maneuver around easily. 

That is greater than just luggage. It is a trusty companion that’ll stick by your side from the moment you allow your private home to the last beat of the festival. With July’s carry-on, you possibly can deal with the fun parts of your festival experience while it takes care of the practicalities.

11. Nuun’s electrolyte tablets to avoid dehydration

Anyone who’s been to a music festival knows that the dancing, the warmth and the general high energy can quickly result in dehydration. Don’t let that decelerate your festival vibes. Nuun’s electrolyte tablets are here to maintain you hydrated, energized and able to party all day (and night) long.

These tablets are an ideal companion to any festival-goer, ensuring you rehydrate properly and maintain your energy levels. With Nuun, you possibly can keep dehydration at bay without sacrificing your spot on the front of the stage.

So, the subsequent time you raise your water bottle to the beat of your favorite song, be certain that it’s boosted with Nuun’s electrolyte tablets. Because staying hydrated doesn’t just keep you protected — it makes the festival experience all of the more enjoyable!

12. Earplugs from Loop for the sweetest dreams

When the beat drops and the gang roars, it is a rush like no other. But because the night deepens and your dancing feet need a rest, that very same cacophony can turn right into a nuisance. At a music festival, quiet could be a rare commodity, and sleep could be a battle. Enter Loop’s earplugs: your ticket to a peaceful slumber amidst the festival frenzy.

In a world that never seems to sleep, these earplugs offer an oasis of tranquility. They’re designed to dam out disruptive noise effectively while ensuring you do not miss out on necessary sounds — like your morning alarm or your friend’s midnight snack invitation.

The magic lies not only in what these earplugs block but additionally in what they let through. With Loop, you get one of the best of each worlds — the silence you crave and the sounds you wish. It’s a fragile balance achieved with precision and thoughtfulness.

Why compromise your sleep in the primary place, you would possibly ask? Well, because a well-rested festival-goer is a completely satisfied festival-goer. Your favorite band’s sunrise set is far more enjoyable if you’ve had an excellent night’s sleep.

So, pack Loop’s earplugs along along with your festival gear. Allow them to transform your tent, van or hotel room right into a haven of calm amidst the energetic beats. Here’s to peaceful slumbers and livelier festival days!

Make your first music festival unforgettable

There you’ve got it: your ultimate guide to preparing on your first music festival. While a music festival might be absolutely the time of your life, it’s also necessary to arrange properly to make sure you are feeling pretty much as good because the music is for your complete time.

Plus, a music festival is greater than just the music. It’s concerning the atmosphere, the gang, the style, the late-night laughter, the memories and most significantly, how you are feeling during those magical days and nights. 

With these essentials on the go, you are greater than able to dive headfirst into the colourful world of music festivals. Here’s to a weekend stuffed with rhythms, rhymes and memorable experiences. Let the music play!

Alcoholic beverages may only be purchased and consumed by people ages 21 and over in the US. Please drink responsibly. At all times seek the advice of with a certified healthcare skilled before taking any complement.

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