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12 Aug

BTL’s Emfest Festival Brings Community To the Pursuit Of

BTL’s Emfest Festival Brings Community To the Pursuit Of

On August twenty sixth BTL Aesthetics, the corporate behind wellness brands Emsculpt Neo, Emface, Emsella, and Emtone, is bringing together lifestyle experts, celebrities, renowned content creators, musical artists and the brands’ devout following of fans for a one-day celebration within the pursuit of holistic well-being.

The inaugural festival, being held at Huntington Beach’s Paséa Hotel and Spa, guarantees attendees a beachside celebration unlike every other, fostering a harmonious environment where attendees can rejuvenate their minds, bodies and souls. BTL Aesthetics goals to offer guests with not only a day of fun but an appreciation for health and overall well-being.

Emfest offers guests the chance to explore wellness in latest ways, all while having fun with the transformative power of music, yummy bites and an array of beverages. The Emfest performance lineup includes live entertainment by Ryan Cabrera, Hirie, and DJs Georgia Sinclair, Kat Nova, Kayla Collins, Max Low, Doji and Splyce.

On the talent roster is comedian Tiffany Haddish and award-winning television host Jeannie Mai Jenkins who will share their personal insights on balancing all things health, wellness, entrepreneurism, and life within the highlight.

Attendees trying to break a sweat can participate in interactive workout sessions led by fitness experts Brooke Burke, Mariana Morais and Cindy Prado. Guests may also be available  experience the revolutionary treatments of Emsculpt Neo, Emface, Emsella and Emtone with complimentary demo sessions.

“You could have heard of Emsculpt Neo or saw a billboard and thought that is all about ripped abs and bouncing butts,” said John Ferris, Vice President of Marketing at BTL. “But this couldn’t be farther from the reality. Collectively, the family of EM products address the shape and performance of the muscles in our bodies, which in turn impacts our overall well-being, health, fitness, appearance, sleep, confidence and mindfulness.”

As such, Emfest’s fastidiously curated itinerary has been created with BTL Aesthetics’ strong belief in “edutainment,” or education through entertainment. Through these interactive experiences, Ferris hopes individuals gain an understanding of how energetic muscles play a necessary role in healthy aging. 

Ferris explained that it is necessary for consumers to be fully educated and have expectations set before trying any latest services or products like those offered by BTL, acknowledging that “everyone has experienced a boring class at one point in our lives and sure you didn’t take away as much from the category as it is best to have.” For that reason, he said, “Emfest mixes in entertainment, making for a more engaging atmosphere and enables consumers to have a deeper understanding of assorted topics.”

A spread of panels with top creators will share essential topics with wellness consumers today. Sessions include a post-baby body support group, candid suggestions and tricks about keeping it real on social media, insights on elevating the body, mind and soul to the following level, advice on sex and dating, and more!

“Before the pandemic, health and wellness were often taken without any consideration,” said Ferris. “Conversations have been began in various formats and we hope to increase the reach to assist individuals live long, glad, healthy lives which can be filled with laughter.

We hope individuals walk away with smiles and lots of good memories of the general experience. When individuals reflect on Emfest, we would like them to feel empowered about their bodies. Individuals should do whatever they please as long as they answer to themselves and what makes them glad in life.”

Ferris told Fairchild Studio the corporate believes mixing brands with providers and consumers is the wave of the longer term and expects Emfest to develop into an annual event. Tickets for the 2023 Emfest can be found now for $50 at emfest.com.

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