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16 Oct

Celebrating 25 Years of Beautyworld

Celebrating 25 Years of Beautyworld

Beautyworld, celebrating its twenty fifth anniversary, is organized by Messe Frankfurt and serves as a beauty industry vanguard event across several key markets, including Dubai, Riyadh, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya.

For brands, the events are presented because the “ultimate immersive experience where exhibitors, partners and buyers convene” while setting the pace “for the following wave of beauty trends, innovations and lifestyle products for beauty professionals,” organizers said.

The product groups showcased include fragrances, cosmetics and skincare, personal care and hygiene, natural and organic, hair, nail and salon supplies together with machinery, packaging, raw materials and contract manufacturing. Messe Frankfurt said “Natural & Organic” and “Beauty Tech” are the most recent additions and increases the fair’s B2B offerings.

Organizers said the exhibitions “offer extensive seminar programs highlighting the most recent techniques, management know-how, beauty trends and advanced technology.”

Julia Uherek, vice chairman of consumer goods fairs at Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, said, “Our events are geared toward the total supply chain of the industry, from manufacturing and distribution to wholesale, retail, hotels, spas, salons and skilled beauty education. Demand in the sweetness industry is anticipated to grow even amid volatile markets. Messe Frankfurt, as the proper trade fair partner, offers industry players customized platforms in a few of the biggest beauty markets worldwide to tap into this unique potential and enhance global growth.”

Here, Uherek, discusses the events, what attendees can experience and the evolution of Beautyworld in addition to where it’s headed.

WWD: What was the impetus behind launching Beautyworld 25 years ago?

Julia Uherek: Originally, the sweetness industry and its products have been an integral a part of the spring fairs in Frankfurt for a very long time, and with retail becoming more specialized, the brand Beautyworld was established in Frankfurt ranging from the tip of the Nineties. The fair expanded in time to other international markets and established itself firmly because the leading platform for the sweetness industry and its trade in Japan, with 4 annual regional shows [Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya] and the Middle East [Dubai and Riyadh].

WWD: Who attends?

J.U.: All events are geared toward operators and staff of beauty and hairdressing salons, nail studios, hotels, spas, the retail and wholesale trade in addition to students and staff of skilled beauty education institutions or skilled beauty academies. International key players from world wide show services that cover all the value chain within the industry, from fragrance compounds and finished fragrances to cosmetics and skincare, personal care and hygiene, hair, nail and salon supplies in addition to OEM, machinery, packaging, raw materials and contract manufacturing.

WWD: What were a few of the key milestones and highlights of the event?

J.U.: For greater than 25 years, Messe Frankfurt has been holding international trade fairs under the Beautyworld brand to supply all-encompassing business platforms to the sweetness industry in now six locations, namely Dubai and Riyadh in addition to Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya. Running since 2002, Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai is the most important international beauty trade fair in its region and one among the most important trade fairs of all the global industry. Moreover, and with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia being a very important growth marketplace for beauty and wellness within the Middle Eastern region, Beautyworld Saudi Arabia licensed to 1st Arabia Trade Shows & Conferences was launched in 2018.

With Japan being the third largest cosmetic market worldwide, Messe Frankfurt offers trade fairs within the 4 most populated regions of the country. Since its première in 1998, Beautyworld Japan Tokyo has been distinguished by a growing product spectrum and a high number of tourists. It’s acknowledged as the important thing event for the Japanese cosmetics market. Beautyworld Japan Osaka made its debut in October 2006 and since then is geared toward all professionals from the sweetness sector in Western Japan. Launched in 2014, Beautyworld Fukuoka has established itself because the leading beauty event within the Kyushu region. This yr, the Beautyworld brand expanded inside Japan and premiered in Nagoya in [this] summer. With this edition, Beautyworld opened a latest chapter for the industry within the Chubu region.

Beautyworld’s awards program.

WWD: How has the show(s) evolved?

J.U.: Nowadays, Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai is one among the most important trade fairs of all the worldwide industry expecting greater than 1,600 exhibitors for the upcoming edition at the tip of October 2023. Beautyworld Saudi Arabia licensed to 1st Arabia Trade Shows & Conferences moreover covers the precise market within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In 2023, the twenty fifth Beautyworld Japan Tokyo showed a powerful growth of 21 percent in visitor numbers in comparison with the previous yr (2022: 59,047 visitors) and with 831 exhibitors one other record number. Three additional annual events cover the precise regions, namely being held in Osaka, Fukuoka and since 2023, Nagoya.

WWD: What do attendees expect once they attend? Are there workshops, speakers and networking opportunities?

J.U.: For professionals in the sweetness industry, Beautyworld trade fairs are the perfect regionally adapted platforms to find exciting latest products and spot the most recent trends of their industry sector. All events have a comprehensive fringe program with seminars, conferences and manifold networking opportunities. The perimeter program is at all times instructive, entertaining and immersive. The Beautyworld trade shows encompass all facets of the sweetness industry. On the Esthetic Stage in Tokyo, for instance, beauty professionals find practical advice on the most recent techniques, on skincare and well-being. The Hair & Nail Stage on the 2023 Tokyo edition, for instance, held a hair style contest hosted by Barberella by BROSH, a well-liked Japanese barbers’ competition for female professionals.

With the landmark twenty fifth edition in Tokyo and catering to the evolving demands in the sweetness industry, two latest themed stages were added, complementing the prevailing product zones. The “Fem more” area featured a bunch of seminars including the most recent information on the femtech market and provided services for ladies’s health. The “Tasty” zone presented foods and seasonings for salon owners and buyers who aim to supply sustainable and healthy diets to their customers. Furthermore, popular eyelash and eyebrow grooming techniques for hairdressers, technicians and salon owners are also featured in specialized workshops. Visitors find out about head spa techniques, ladies updo hairstyles and dyeing suggestions.

For nail technicians, the well-established Japan Nailist Association JNA presents various seminars in chosen Japanese Beautyworld trade fairs, offering guidance on certification exams. For salon managers and related professionals, also business trends and management skills are necessary subjects for attendees to find out about on the trade fairs.

The upcoming Beautyworld Middle East will — beyond specific product zones — feature the Next in Beauty Conference, which is able to bring fresh pondering, latest insights and elevated business strategies to the fore. The respective sessions will span across all event days, specializing in crucial topics including innovation, market trends and the business landscape within the Middle East.

Quintessence – the art of perfume.

Lights in Motion

Quintessence — the art of perfume is the exclusive platform dedicated to area of interest fragrances. A few of the world’s most unusual brands and creators will showcase their products in a bespoke, luxurious environment, befitting the stature of those magnificent creations. The Beautyworld Middle East Awards 2023 celebrates the highest of the sweetness industry, from modern products and cutting-edge technologies to exceptional brands and talented individuals. There’s many more seminar and networking opportunities to find.

WWD: What role does Beautyworld play regarding the industry’s sustainability, technology and innovation efforts?

J.U.: Beautyworld is championing these efforts by ensuring visitors and exhibitors have access to education and inspiration at every show. Through specifically tailored conference sessions on topics like sustainable sourcing, regulatory strategies, digital transformation, innovation and technology trends and even diversity and inclusion, the Beautyworld trade shows bring insightful expertise from across the globe to the stage.

Depending on the markets, Beautyworld takes a very important role in ensuring a socially, environmentally and health-related responsible development of the sweetness industry. In Japan, for instance, Femcare and Femtec are fields of development which might be promoted by the federal government and which might be thus actively developed and fostered. Within the Japanese markets, Beautyworld trade fairs are distinguished points of data in regards to the country-specific Medical Practitioners Law, Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and other laws which might be essential for the sweetness business and which exhibitors and visitors can find out about in seminars. Against this backdrop, Beautyworld Japan trade fairs take responsibility within the evolution of a beauty industry that gives sustainable, health-related and future-oriented solutions to all players available in the market.

In Dubai, Beautyworld curates the show floor to segment not only by product type, but in addition specific themes. For instance, Clean + Conscious is a showcase of chosen brands committed to creating a difference to each people and the planet with core values in sustainability, inclusivity, ethical sourcing and production and social impact. The Beauty Tech segment is where attendees can discover latest, modern and tech-driven products and solutions shaking up the industry.

And in a few of the show’s features and experiences Beautyworld also adopts the most recent innovations. Shining examples are this yr’s Emovation Lab in partnership with Anfasic Dokhoon, which allows attendees to craft their very own fragrances based on their emotions, and the Signature Scent competition will see the adoption of the most recent technology from AirParfum for participants to smell and vote for his or her favorite fragrance.

WWD: What’s the “Conscious Brand of the Yr”?

J.U.: In synergy with the Clean + Conscious segment at Beautyworld Middle East, the Conscious Brand of the Yr was created as an integral a part of the Beautyworld Middle East Awards established in 2021. The award takes account of the increasing importance of sustainably sourced and produced consumer goods. Accordingly, it recognizes a brand that demonstrates exceptional commitment to sustainability, ethical practices and social responsibility. Briefly: The laureate epitomizes the industry’s shift toward conscious beauty practices. What does this mean? The winning brand demonstrates a transparent mission and vision for sustainable and ethical beauty, in addition to a commitment to transparency and accountability in its practices. The brand should use secure, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients, packaging and manufacturing processes, or support fair trade and community empowerment initiatives. The Conscious Brand of the Yr award acknowledges beauty brands that strive to create services that not only make people look good but in addition do good for the planet and its people.

WWD: How do you see Beautyworld evolving from here?

J.U.: All Beautyworld events closely monitor its specific market and respective demands. Based upon this, latest trends and tendencies are vetted and are considered for establishing latest product group categories on the upcoming trade fairs. For instance, the twenty fifth edition of Beautyworld Japan Tokyo added Femcare as a latest product zone, where exhibitors can interact with their goal groups and present services for ladies’s health.

Beautyworld Middle East, going down from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1, will introduce the brand new universe in premium packaging: Prestigepack. An exclusive space, designed to showcase a curated number of firms demonstrating innovation, creativity and quality in packaging solutions for the sweetness industry. Beautyworld as a brand is repeatedly taking a look at latest opportunities be it latest concepts, co-operations or markets that serve the needs of the worldwide beauty industry.

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