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14 Sep

FAB Ventures Is Broadening Its Geographic Scope

FAB Ventures Is Broadening Its Geographic Scope

GLOBE-TROTTING: FAB Ventures, the investment fund launched by Odile Roujol in 2019, will broaden its horizons beyond the U.S. — to Europe, Asia and the Middle East, WWD has learned.

Roujol, who’s founding partner of FAB Co-Creation Studio Ventures and founding father of the FAB Fashion and BeautyTech community, was the guest of honor on the Brands With a Mission event hosted by Karine Ohana, of Ohana & Co. investment bank, in her company headquarters on Paris’ Right Bank Wednesday morning. Other attendees included beauty entrepreneurs and investors.

The Ohana family, through its investment vehicle and alongside some major industry players, partnered with FAB Ventures, which Roujol began to give attention to recent direct-to-consumer brands in the style and sweetness space — especially circular fashion and conscious beauty.

The Ohana family runs its own investment activity with an analogous ethos, alongside expanding its bank’s mergers-and-acquisitions business, which has recently included closing deals for Juliette Has a Gun, Parade, Newlight Technologies and One other Tomorrow.

FAB’s second fund, called FAB Fund II, had a primary fundraising closing in October 2022, and it’s as a consequence of close a second round in a couple of weeks.

The seed-stage fund is now investing between $250,000 and $1 million, prior to helping corporations find their next investors. In total, the fund currently has $20 million to speculate.

Among the many investments FAB has already made is in Khairpep, with products that protect hair throughout the bleaching and coloring process. It has posted sales of $80 million. Roujol was amongst the corporate’s first investors.

One other of FAB’s investment has been in Bubble, the teenager skincare brand founded by Shai Eisenman. The brand today is carried in greater than 10,000 doors and expanding worldwide.

Roujol was amongst Bubble’s first investor after business angels and bootstrapping. She also has invested in Thirteen Lune, the inclusive beauty platform founded by Nyakio Grieco and Patrick Herning, which rings up revenues of greater than $20 million annually.

FAB invests in SAS software, too.

“I’m not obsessed just by consumer brands and recent commerce,” Roujol said, explaining she also fixated on livestreaming and video shopping.

To wit, FAB invested in Trendio. That could be a digital beauty shopping platform connecting customers with clean beauty brands via video content.

“We put artificial intelligence to extract one of the best parts of videos [online],” explained David Olmos, chief technology officer of Trendio, adding it’s personalized video. “We attempt to optimize the conversion.”

FAB has also invested in Novos, billed to be a scientific leader in longevity, with eponymous products. It focuses on biological aging, slightly than chronological aging, helping people have a healthy weight-reduction plan, sleep well and exercise — all in a customized way.

“People understand it’s the subsequent frontier,” said Roujol, of the blurring of beauty and wellness.

FAB has meetings with various founders together, in order that they may also help one another.

“We’re multicultural,” she said, adding of the 25 corporations FAB has invested in, 23 are led by female founders or first- or second-generation immigrants within the U.S.

Roujol coaches and guides founders. “That’s what I really like,” she said. “We follow on the investment to attempt to help them grow and to have that series A.”

As an example, FAB invested in Kintra Fibers, a cloth science company that creates bio-based and biodegradable polyesters. Its series A was then led by H&M.

Amongst other attendees on the Ohana event were Stanislas de Quercize, president and founding father of the SAVIH family office; Thomas Buisson, managing director at Fable Investments; Gerard Camme, chief executive officer and founding father of Element Eight; Fabienne Sebaoun, founding father of Mimétique, and Pietrzak Mikolaj, cofounder of L’Atelier Parfum.

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