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18 Sep

Gwyneth Paltrow Desires to Make You Blush – Interview

Gwyneth Paltrow Desires to Make You Blush – Interview

Gwyneth Paltrow is in a wonderful mood. Having just accomplished a photoshoot, and on the precipice of starting her work day, she takes a transitional moment in her sprawling Montecito backyard, all cypress green and pool blue, 70 degrees and nil humidity, to take some sun, in addition to a brief phone interview.

And me? I’m within the subterranean wellness floor of a downtown Manhattan spa, having needed to exit a sound bath (which is just what it appears like) a number of minutes early to call Paltrow to debate tinted balms for the cheeks and lips and lids. After begging spa employees for a personal place to take a personal call, I’m capable of locate a warren furnished with an Eames chair and an infrared sauna. One feels compelled, in such close proximity to an infrared sauna, to tell Gwyneth Paltrow immediately. (“Ooh!” she said.)

Paltrow is a real movie star. And yet her influence on the earth of Hollywood has long been eclipsed by her influence in the worldwide wellness community. Once, Goop was a newsletter written by Paltrow; 15 years later, it’s a web-based magazine, e-commerce website, line of clothing, line of skincare, Netflix series, wellness event series, podcast, fragrance, and likewise Mediterranean cruises. Today, a recent category emerges from Goop: Colorblur is a small pot of moisturizing balm presented in five shades, each providing a wash of translucent color.

Goop’s recent Colorblur Glow Balms are available five shades.

Rasmus Jensen

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