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25 Aug

How one can Harness The Power of Events to

How one can Harness The Power of Events to

On this planet of beauty retail competition is fierce. Eager beauty shoppers have led the best way for retailers to expand into latest categories and stock latest products, making a sea of brands for consumers to explore as they return to physical stores in full force.

For brands, this implies engaging with the patron in-store is paramount to avoid being missed. And to do that many firms are constructing in-store experiences that can highlight products’ unique differences. It is a brilliant play since recent consumer behavior research consistently shows that engaging with brands through in-person events is strictly what shoppers are in search of.

Notably, a report by PwC in early 2023 found that buyers have been wanting to return to stores for the in-person experience with a majority of shoppers (43 percent) saying they like purchasing in-store and 11 percent of online buyers planning to modify to in-store shopping. Furthermore, despite current economic uncertainties impacting all areas of the retail industry, beauty consumers proceed to represent among the strongest shoppers today. Recent consumer data from Circana shows that as shoppers make selections that reflect what is essential to them, most (70 percent) haven’t any plans to cut back spending on beauty products given the category’s emotional connections with consumers.

Retailers are investing greater than ever in events this yr, however it is as much as the brands to construct their very own experience for the consumers and that demands a correct blueprint and an engaged team – that’s where Beauty Barrage is available in.

Bringing brands to life for consumers through in-person experiences is one in all the important thing strategies utilized by Beauty Barrage for elevating brands at retail. Beauty Barrage’s best-in-class retail sales agency has over 300 brand ambassadors across the U.S. and Canada managing in-store education, sales support and events for a lot of beauty brands and retailers alike.

When Sonia Summers discovered the ability that Beauty Barrage’s executed events had on her brand partners’ sales, she began working together with her teams to tie as many events into their latest product launches in-store as possible. Today Beauty Barrage has a dedicated events team invested in constructing out brands’ strategies for taking advantage of in-store moments.

In line with Summers, founder and chief executive officer of Beauty Barrage, “it isn’t any surprise that retail events have grown into loyalty-drivers. With all of the sales promotions, consumers have turn into smarter at shopping. Events are the proper prescription to elevating the brand experience.”

Led by industry veterans Julie Aoun, director, national events and talent at Beauty Barrage, and Brandon Tucker, national events manager at Beauty Barrage, Beauty Barrage’s events team are experts within the brands promotions and most significantly execution to drive sales, knowing that events are the proper opportunity to introduce a consumer to a brand. Beauty Barrage’s brand ambassadors are experts within the brand they represent and are incredibly captivated with all the pieces beauty, thriving on educating and connecting one on one to assist guide customers to grasp the ethos of the brand and discover a product that matches perfectly into their lives.

“Events bring your customer community together as they get a chance to attach with the brand and learn more,” said Tucker. “Events create connections by educating the shopper and providing
a signature experience that helps to drive brand loyalty. Retailers are seeing the impact of successful eventing and ensuring to encourage brands to participate.”

Integration right into a store experience addresses many problems facing brands today. “Certainly one of the largest challenges a whole lot of brands face is driving brand awareness – events achieve this and far, rather more,” said Aoun. “Events are a tremendous platform to showcase a brand’s uniqueness, create brand loyalty and increase category market share, ultimately providing long-term payoff and creating an emotional connection to the brand.”

The Beauty Barrage team hosts an in-store event with Dior.

Tucker adds that the Beauty Barrage team has seen “customers more excited about events than ever. Customers love interacting with experts and finding latest ways to unravel an issue, latest collaboration or have something fun to do while shopping.”

When working with a brand to execute an event, the Beauty Barrage team starts by defining what the goals are. Notably, Summers told FMG Studio that essentially the most common goals brands have for events are sales and driving brand awareness. The team goes through an array of questions with the brand partner from asking whether a brand is launching for the primary time, in the event that they are in search of brand awareness or brand loyalty and what a latest product launch schedule will seem like. The team also considers budgets, setting expectations for event assets and execution.

Once a goal is about and a budget is established, Beauty Barrage’s events team advises on what form of event to concentrate on. Various events, including store-generated events, masterclasses, corporate events and blitzes, result in different outcomes and it will be significant to align goals before launch.

“Events will not be a one-size-fits-all experience,” said Summers. “Geared towards all different categories inside the beauty space, we’ve seen successful events hosted across the spectrum – from brands who’re latest in-store officially launching, to seasoned brands who can have a latest product launch, special promotion or simply need to reengage the shopper and further construct awareness and loyalty.”

Summers told FMG Studio she has seen many avoidable mistakes made by brands, which before everything are as a consequence of a failure of adequate planning for the event. Common mistakes, she said, include not having clear communication and understanding of event expectations between a brand and the retailer, aligning on goals and never ensuring enough inventory to support the day.

When planning an event, the Beauty Barrage team counts education as critical on quite a lot of levels. Beauty Barrage’s expert team of name ambassadors is diligent about educating the shop team on each the brand and what the shopper will experience the day of the event. The shop team can turn into involved, inviting customers to the party by conveying the exciting activation they will expect. Further, Beauty Barrage’s expert team goes through specialized event training for optimal activation and customer experience.

“Our team is educated on the selling-story and better-together products,” said Aoun. “The fitting education can ensure profitable success the day of the event and beyond. The consequences a brand can experience post-event are stronger partnerships with store associates. Your brand will typically be top of mind for a suggestion.”

Beauty Barrage and its brand partners have found that brand awareness and recall from customers who’ve purchased will likely result in a repeat purchase and with the established connection, willingness to try other products inside the brand.

Beauty Barrage’s philosophy of “evolve or die” means the corporate is at all times innovating, at all times improving and never resting on laurels. Consumer behaviors evolve and wonder brands have to be able to adapt. Within the spirit of elevating the sport, the corporate’s events team continues to grow. Summers tells FMG Studio the Beauty Barrage team strives to outdo themselves every time and “what this implies for events is crushing our brand partners goals.”

Beauty Barrage’s expert events team shares insights into choosing the appropriate type of event for any brand and goal.

Customers embrace nude collection from CTZN.

The rise of events in-store has turn into a terrific tool for firms to introduce customers to a brand and supply something larger than a reduction — an experience!

Strategic sales partner, Beauty Barrage, known for delivering top-level full sales management for beauty brands, has been a key resource for brands trying to break through and excel at retail and today a key component to that in-store success is engaging the patron through events. Beauty Barrage’s expert team helps brands to execute events successfully, creating strategies for specific goals and budgets which are right for the brand and the moment.

Events hold the chance to achieve a deeper reference to customers who already know the brand in addition to latest customers in search of the appropriate brand for them by educating shoppers in regards to the brand and its products while also seamlessly bringing what they may know from social media in-person and fostering an emotional response.

While there are various various kinds of events that could be initiated, Sonia Summers, founder and chief executive officer of Beauty Barrage, said “it’s necessary to concentrate on the brand’s goals when creating the general retail strategy.” Put simply, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to constructing a brand event.

To assist brands understand what they will expect when approaching event planning, Brandon Tucker, beauty industry veteran and manager of events at Beauty Barrage, breaks down 4 event types.

Store Generated Events

A store-generated event occurs at only one store, independent of the retailer’s full chain. These events are typically arranged for in the future but may last several days with brand ambassadors engaging customers. There’s a big educational proposition here, with each the shop’s employees and customers learning more in regards to the brand. Sales goals for a store-generated event can range from $500 at a small door to $2,500 depending on planned brand assets and execution.

Master Classes

A Masterclass event is hosted by one in all Beauty Barrage’s master educators, an industry expert or a national makeup artist. These events hold the chance to collect a gaggle of consumers who need to learn more with a deep dive into a selected brand. The category brings an elevated, educational experience to the patron and is held in either a classroom style or an audience-style setting. Products are demonstrated through the class which regularly consists of loyal brand customers.

Corporate Events

Unlike other events, dates and goals for corporate events are planned out by the retailer. These events typically happen over a series of locations and are promoted in-store, online and on social media. 


Held in-store, blitzes are store takeovers that last over a number of days or a weekend to make the most of a key moment and get customers in stores. Brands could plan a blitz to advertise the launch of a latest product or share special offers and coupons.

Customers participate in live demonstrations of the newest beauty products in-store.

1. Construct Your Strategy

Ideate a signature experience that will probably be unique to your brand and stand out to the purchasers.

2. Mobilize an Educated Salesforce

Beauty Barrage makes certain that each one brand ambassadors are well-equipped with all of the knowledge on the brand ethos, ingredients, and notable facts to be credible in-store and repair the shopper appropriately.

3. Construct a Real Budget

Ensure you bring your event to life with brand assets and goodies to have interaction the shopper.

4. Create and Share the Blueprint

Execution is all the pieces so share the plan and over-communicate. Ensure to get the retail staff’s buy-in!

5. Plan Your Inventory

Ensure you’ve gotten enough available and work with the buying team to alert them on all event dates.

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