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25 Oct

Lauren Perez and Allie Glines’ Brand Incubator Raises $12

Lauren Perez and Allie Glines’ Brand Incubator Raises

FounderSix, the influencer beauty brand incubator behind Allie Glines’ Ravie Beauty, Alex Renee’s Ary World and Lauren Perez’s Anablue, has gained a recent investment.

The incubator, which was founded in 2020, has raised $12 million from KD Capital. The firm has previously invested in OkCupid, ShopRunner, Spot Hero and Teleon Health, amongst other corporations, in accordance with its website.

“We’re quite different from brand incubators in the wonder space. You generally get ones which can be either manufacturing-focused or investment-focused. We have now a holistic offering of what we are able to do,” said Oli Goulden, who cofounded FounderSix with Pieter Wittgen. “With the cash now being there to launch these brands and get them to a certain level, we are able to construct an infrastructure, do the branding, product development, legal, success. We make it easy for the people we partner with to be entrepreneurs.”

The incubator’s three brands launched in rapid succession. Goulden said with the brand new investment, they hope to see more brands on the horizon. “We’ve focused on these three brands for now and the subsequent round of investment allows us to open up,” he said. “We don’t have contracts in place with recent influencers yet, but that is stage one.”

FounderSix’s third brand launch, Ravie, a makeup brand founded by YouTuber Allie Glines, hit its first-year sales goal inside half-hour of launching.

FounderSix goals to partner with influencers who take a hands-on approach. “We’re very careful to have founders which can be obsessed with the category they’re in, and in addition experts. Lauren [Perez] has been on trichologist calls, and has been making hair oils for a very long time. For me, it’s about authenticity and keenness because business is touch, and only the strongest survive,” Goulden said.

As for the prevailing brands, Anablue focuses on hair care, while TikToker Alex Renee’s Ary World also touches on makeup. Goulden sees opportunities in every beauty category. “Different areas are more saturated than others, but it surely relies on the partners we work with, and what we search for within the launch,” he said. “We consider there’s room in every category still.”

Industry sources estimate that combined, the prevailing brands will reach between $15 million and $20 million in first-year sales.

“Our investment in FounderSix is a testament in our trust in Oli and Pieter’s leadership,” said Lewis Cheng, managing partner of KD Capital, in an announcement. “Their guideline of investing in people, not only ideas, resonates deeply with us. Each have a implausible talent for creating exciting recent brands from scratch and their proven track record makes us very excited to support their vision into the long run.”

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