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10 Sep

Learn how to Heal Finger and Hand Tattoos With

Learn how to Heal Finger and Hand Tattoos With

One among my favorite things about getting tattooed is that it never really feels the identical way twice. Different parts of the body (and different people) have differing levels of pain tolerance, and the healing process can go so some ways depending on where a tattoo is situated. Hand and finger tattoos are perfect examples.

Location aside, it’s extremely vital to take excellent care of hand and finger tattoos, each old and latest. Doing that and keeping a number of other things in mind may also help extend the lifetime of that artwork in the long term. Below, you may learn all about hand and finger tattoo aftercare straight from the professionals.

Meet the experts
  • Johnny Dagger is a Los Angeles-based tattoo artist.
  • Ron Dies is a Latest York City-based tattoo artist.
  • Melanie PalmMD, is a San Diego-based, board-certified dermatologist.
  • Mona GoharaMD, is a Connecticut-based, board-certified dermatologist.

On this story:

Do finger tattoos and hand tattoos heal well?

As Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Johnny Dagger will inform you, the strategy of healing hand and finger tattoos can differ from those on other areas of the body. “Depending on the precise area of the hands, it might heal completely in another way,” he explains to Allure. “The very best bet for hand tattoos are the highest of the fingers and top of hands. Those two areas will heal well and is not going to fade quickly. If you tattoo other parts of the hands, it might definitely be a roll of the dice to see if the tattoo stays or not.” The hands have a lot of joints and creases, in order that they can bend and move properly, and people areas can be more susceptible to patchiness and fading.

The palm, the side of the hand, or in-between the fingers are good examples, Latest York City-based tattoo artist Ron Dies explains. “I’ve found that any such skin doesn’t hold the ink as well within the long or short term,” he says. “It would look good when freshly tattooed but… much of the tattoo can ‘fall out’ or disappear [or] there is usually a shadowy appearance to the tattoo. There’s also a probability that it could fade much quicker through the years in comparison with a tattoo on a bicep or thigh.”

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