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25 Oct

Luxury In On a regular basis Life

Luxury In On a regular basis Life

Ginori 1735 is examining the luxurious of on a regular basis art and on a regular basis life in its latest campaign starring the talented actor and artist, Jake Gyllenhaal.

A part of Kering Group since 2013, Ginori 1735 has been a pacesetter in the sphere of luxury and lifestyle for nearly three centuries and has all the time been related to great figures of fashion, art, design, architecture, film and décor. Because the Ginori 1735 mission continues as a pursuit to forward a contemporary Renaissance, today’s Ginori 1735 world is formed by a multiplicity of voices, opinions and styles – which can now include Gyllenhaal.

Alain Prost, chairman and chief executive officer of Ginori 1735, shared that while the 2023-24 global campaign marks the primary time Ginori 1735 has chosen an actor to represent the brand, it’s a moment that everybody at the corporate is enthusiastic about, making note of Gyllenhaal’s intersection of passions (art, design, fashion, film and storytelling) which embody the quintessential mastery of favor that’s true of the brand.

“Jake Gyllenhaal is an excellent master of his art, with a powerful personal style and naturally embodies a timeless elegance and sophistication that flawlessly expresses the right mix between heritage and innovation of our house,” said Prost. “These characteristics make him perfect to reflect Ginori 1735’s vision of bringing art into on a regular basis life and on a regular basis life into artfully expressing one’s individuality and overcoming each distinction of age and personality through the fervour for Italian culture, color and gracious hospitality.”

Gyllenhaal, an artist with a keen humorousness and commitment to pleasure and spontaneity, represents a real partner for a brand like Ginori 1735 that embraces the qualities of life that delight and encourage.

Through the partnership, Gyllenhaal said he goals to foster the importance of slowing down, having fun with life, and appreciating the fantastic thing about art, noting that he’s “honored to partner with Ginori 1735, an organization that values each tradition and innovation. Their deep dedication to craft is inspiring.”

“I actually have all the time tried to remain curious in my work and in my life,” said Gyllenhaal. “I like to cook, and I like the environment around a dinner table. Since I used to be little, the table was where essentially the most interesting ideas and feelings were exchanged. Naturally, as I actually have grown older, I actually have had the chance to have many various meals with many incredible people and have sat at tables world wide. Tableware has all the time felt like half of the experience of a beautiful meal – how food is presented is the same as its taste. When Ginori approached me, it felt so natural to collaborate with the most effective corporations on this planet on products that I actually have all the time adored and find so central to the experience of eating and having fun with life was an ideal artistic and life match for me. I actually have had meals on Ginori tableware and have been a fan of theirs for a few years. I all the time dreamed of owning my very own set of Ginori plates.”

Included within the campaign is a video and photo series shot by photographer Gray Sorrenti, highlighting the collaboration because it takes the international brand to the longer term. A video produced by Gyllenhaal launches the campaign showcasing the fantastic thing about Italian porcelain and tradition in a celebration of craftmanship old
and latest.

Shot within the Ginori 1735 Manifattura in Sesto Fiorentino, Italy, the video shows Gyllenhaal observing the expert artisans molding porcelain pieces by hand while sharing his own passions and appreciation. The film concludes by observing the ritual of a shared meal made with local ingredients, prepared by Gyllenhaal, and served on Ginori 1735.

“I like Italy,” said Gyllenhaal. “I actually have had the distinction of filming in Italy at the nice Cinecittà studios in Rome and throughout the country. I actually have had incredible times in so many places in Italy. It’s a good looking country! Considered one of my favorite experiences was filming the industrial for the Ginori campaign on the Ginori factory in Florence and walking through the grand hall of plaster impressions. To see a number of the first Ginori pieces ever crafted was incredible – from 1735. I also just love walking through Florence – the most effective cities on this planet to walk and eat in.”

When asked about his favorite pieces from the brand new collection, Gyllenhaal said “I actually can’t pick what pieces I like more but one among my favorites is the Oriente Italiano citrino teacup and saucer. I also adore their fragrances.”

As Ginori 1735 continues to raise the luxurious of on a regular basis art and on a regular basis life, the corporate shares that it believes that each dish, every table, and each house is an act of generosity and community.   

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