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28 Sep

Meghan Markle Discusses ‘Ambitious’ Double Standards In First ‘Archetypes’

Meghan Markle Discusses ‘Ambitious’ Double Standards In First ‘Archetypes’

The podcasting world has just been graced with Black royalty — literally. 

Meghan Markle officially launched her anticipated podcast, Archetypes, nearly two years after signing an exclusive podcast take care of Spotify. The show “investigates, dissects, and subverts the labels that attempt to hold women back” and it’s all the things we’d hoped her show can be about. 

“This feminist ideology trickled down into nearly every aspect of my education. It’s probably protected to say into every aspect of my life,” the Duchess of Sussex said within the podcast episode that premiered on Tuesday. 

“This message to me and my classmates was clear: Our futures as young women were limitless. Ambition? That was the entire point. I don’t remember ever personally feeling the negative connotation behind the word ‘ambitious’ until I began dating my now-husband. And apparently, ambition is a terrible, terrible thing for a lady that’s — in response to some.”

Tennis superstar Serena Williams, who announced her plans to step away from the game earlier this month, helps kick off the debut episode. And what higher conversation for the IRL close friend pair? Discussing the stigma surrounding “ambitious” women, in fact.

“I’ve been trying to choose what to do, and I’ve been out and in and not likely sure where to go, and that’s the worst place to be, is on the fence,” Williams said on her decision to “evolve” from tennis. “So, it’s like, make a choice. Either be in it or be out of it, and I used to be on the fence for some time because I really like what I do, and like I said, I’ve been doing this my entire existence even before I used to be born. It was what I used to be meant to do and what I used to be purported to do and what was chosen for me.”

Through the hour-long podcast, the host recounted how she and Williams became “fast friends” after meeting on the 2014 Super Bowl. From there, the remaining has been history.

The following episode of “Archetypes” will feature a conversation with Mariah Carey and is about to be released next week. The podcast is obtainable free of charge, exclusively through Spotify.

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