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30 Aug

Prada make-up and skincare is officially on the way

Prada make-up and skincare is officially on the way

From bleached brows paired with Wednesday Addams braids on the AW19 show and haunted doll lashes for SS23, to the subversive yet angelic eye make-up at AW23 which matched pastel shadow in baby blues, pinks and greens to the mascara, Prada has at all times offered us a wealthy feast on the subject of beauty looks on the runway. And now, we are going to have the opportunity to get the Prada have a look at home! That’s right – skincare and make-up is officially on the way in which.

So, what can we expect? Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, the collaborative creative directors of Prada, say (as quoted in WWD) that the query on the core of their work with L’Oréal – who they signed a cope with in 2021 – was: “What does beauty mean today?” And the reply? “Abandoning all of the clichés of the past, we consider that beauty today is the representation of 1’s personality, freedom and self-confidence,” they add. “The thought of ‘care’ was also crucial, as a gesture and as a necessity, for one’s well-being.”

As such, the launch of Prada’s recent skincare and make-up arms will apparently give attention to providing “real and effective products”. We’re yet to search out out exactly what those products are, but WWD hints at six four-colour eyeshadow palettes. There will even be a foundation in 33 shades that “principally creates [an] IRL filter on the face”, developed with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

In truth, the mixing of technology and reality comes up several times within the announcement. With Lynsey Alexander tapped to oversee real-life make-up for Prada, Inès Marzat (aka Ines Alpha) has been brought in to engineer make-up for the virtual world. Each will work closely together, in addition to collaborating with Simons and Mrs P.

The skincare range, meanwhile, will include a cream, serum, and cleanser. These are said to differ from existing products because they’re not about correcting faults, but moderately taking a more “positive approach” (right away, it’s unclear what this actually entails).

When will you have the opportunity to get your hands on all these Prada goodies? Well, the net launch is scheduled for August 1, with a narrow release planned for London’s Harrods and Selfridges later within the month. In October, the products are set to hit cities in Germany and Italy, with a physical US launch planned for January 2024.

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