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25 Oct

Product Of The Week: This MAC Lip Liner Was

Product Of The Week: This MAC Lip Liner Was

Mario Ruiz / Getty Images

MAC was the primary makeup brand I even have ever tried. After I was about six years old, my mom gifted me a shiny glass-like tube of clear MAC Lipglass for Christmas. The gloss was super sticky to the purpose it will glue my tiny fingers together anytime I used it– and I used it. With my lip gloss poppin’ like Lil’ Mama, I never forgot my first ”makeup” product and the way it made me feel– from the gooey texture on my pinky finger to the lint in my pocket sticking to the tube’s creases. But once the tube ran out– which took an extended time– I never found a product that would replace its next-level, shine on my lips.

Satirically enough, I wasn’t into makeup much in highschool. I had friends who did makeup, but I opted for more natural looks. I never felt like full-coverage makeup looked good on me. But 10 years later, I discovered myself on the seek for a product that would enhance my beauty and really make me feel beautiful. 

On this process, I stumbled upon the MAC Lip Pencil. As a tool to shape and line the lips– including my beloved lip gloss– the pencil gave them an added definition and plump look. The lip pencil gave me an expert feel, whilst a novice, when it got here to applying makeup. It introduced me to the ‘90s nostalgia of dark lip liner and is a product I discovered myself revisiting through the years.

Up to now few months, I repurchased the lip pencil in my go-to color “Plum,” a deep, dark purple tone. It’s my personal favorite lip look to rock at the many beauty events I attend all year long– especially now in the course of the holidays. The graceful, creamy texture is simple to reapply in the lavatory while at a beauty dinner, or to shade within the lips underneath a transparent gloss. 

Whether you’re moving into makeup for the primary time, or a makeup pro, possibly this lip pencil could change your life, too.

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