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15 Sep

Salma Hayek’s Hair Might Be Defying the Laws of

Salma Hayek’s Hair Might Be Defying the Laws of

Salma Hayek began September by celebrating her birthday on the third, so the Virgo has been living it up during her birthday month. She recently took a visit to Canada for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) to advertise The Taste of Christmaswhich she produced (SAG-AFTRA granted her permission to advertise the film in the course of the ongoing strike.) For the event, she made sure to point out out with a classic red lip and hair so glossy and smooth, I swear it will feel softer than silk should you ran your hands through it.

For the event, the actor wore a skin-tight white gown, and her dark brunette hair fell round her in sleek, straightened sheets. The blunt ends cascaded to her chest, where you will also notice that her suggestions are a lighter, warmer brown hue than her black-brown roots. Her hair looks so unrealistically glossy in these photos that I refuse to consider that the sheen is not the results of a filter.

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She paired her little white dress and sleek hair with a vibrant and true red lip and shimmery eye makeup. Dark eggplant-color eye shadow glistened on her lids, working in harmony along with the red lip.

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