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16 Nov

Seen on the Scene – Essence

Seen on the Scene – Essence


All roads led to this moment when ESSENCE Street Style, powered by Goal, arrived in Recent Orleans for this special event. On display were signature styles that featured vibrant colours, like orange, yellow, and blue that were unapologetically daring.

Within the words of one among the style gurus featured on this video, “[We] love a pleasant, little designer piece, but sometimes you’ll be able to do it for less and make it appear to be money.” And let’s just say – the women and gentlemen were of their bags!

Nevertheless it wasn’t just the style that was eye catching, hair was in full effect in NOLA, too! From braids to knots to natural locks, you’ll be able to achieve these awesome styles—with just a little help from a few of our favourite Black-owned must-haves.

For curls that bounce and never crunch, Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls Gel could make your curls smooth, soft and glossy multi functional step. And keep your protective styles comfortable with Curls Blueberry Mint Tea Scalp Treatment, which relieves itching, refreshes the scalp, prevents dryness and encourages growth.

Find more style and haircare must-haves all at Goal, right away!

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