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2 Aug

Stained Glass Blush Is the Expert-Approved Method to Get

Stained Glass Blush Is the Expert-Approved Method to Get

If dabbing a rosy shade of blush on the apples of your cheeks can bring your face to life, imagine what three shades of blush could do. This was makeup artist J. Brandon Correa’s exact thoughts when he first got here up along with his signature technique: stained glass blush.

He named the technique, which he’s been doing for 12 months, as such because the best way your face lights up with a touch of blush isn’t all that dissimilar from when the daylight bounces off stained glass windows and creates a mesmerizing cascade of colours. We saw it for the primary time at a YSL launch event a couple of weeks ago and it had us wondering if we really need greater than only one shade of blush.

The technique is a straightforward process: First, place a pea-sized dot of “shiny blush on the planes of the cheekbone — almost where you’d place highlighter,” Correa explains. Next, use a deeper shade of blush so as to add a similarly-sized drop barely below the brilliant shade to “enhance your cheek’s natural contour.” Lastly, select a shade of blush closest to your natural flush and use it so as to add a 3rd dot to the apples of the cheeks.

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