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21 Dec

Billie Eilish opens up about her body dysmorphia

Billie Eilish is understood for addressing her demons in her music – her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? addresses her struggles with sleep paralysis and night terrors. Now, the musician has opened up about her experiences with body dysmorphia in an interview for Rolling Stone.  “I’ve never felt comfortable in really tiny clothes,” she says, recalling her time performing with a dance company. “I used to be at all times nervous about my appearance. That was the height of my body dysmorphia. I couldn’t look within the mirror in any respect.” The musician uses fashion as a approach to protect herself from the world, never being seen in public not wearing oversized clothing.  Elsewhere, Eilish speaks about her struggles...
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20 Nov

Contained in the rising ‘muscle dysmorphia crisis’ amongst young

Defined as a preoccupation with one’s perceived lack of muscularity, muscle dysmorphia is becoming increasingly prevalent, causing what experts are calling a ‘silent crisis’ in men’s mental health Like many boys within the 90s, Jonathon Freelove played with motion figures. He-Man, Ninja Turtles and ThunderCats were his favourites. While the characters were imaginary, he knew one a part of them resembled the human world: their torsos. Swollen biceps and defined abdominal muscles on the plastic figurines were his first introduction to what masculinity and the male physique could seem like.  By adolescence, the seemingly flawless, God-like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rocky Balboa were his idols. He would pick up his father’s copies of Men’s Health...
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6 May

Watch Julia Fox and Grimes discuss body dysmorphia and

In the newest episode of Fox’s Forbidden Fruits, Grimes opens up about her 10-year eating disorder, and says that Kim Kardashian helped her be ok with her body The way in which that beauty standards damage and impact us all has been a giant topic of conversation on the celeb circuit recently. Last month, Ariana Grande spoke out about fans judging her body and weight concerns, while earlier this week a trailer for the brand new season of The Kardashians teased Kylie Jenner attempting to seek advice from her sisters the part they play in upholding and perpetuating unattainable ideals. “All of us just have to have an even bigger conversation concerning the...
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