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6 Feb

Why we’d like to discuss eczema

Following recent public comments from Kendall Jenner about her pimples, and Justin Bieber’s playful “pimples are in” story on Instagram, the doors to conversations about pimples have been wedged open within the media. But what about those less talked about skin concerns? Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis (AD) is a gene variation that stops the skin’s natural ability to offer protection against environmental aspects, bacteria, irritants, and allergens. It's chronic, genetic and incurable - a hypersensitivity response that may occur at any age. Even though it’s more common for kids to have eczema, many carry the burden into maturity. Besides the visual oozing, blistery erosions and flaky look, the condition, mostly found on the neck, within the elbows and knees, may result...
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20 Nov

Tips on how to Know When It’s Time to

Beauty, as we realize it, has modified. Within the last decade alone, an industry that was once obsessive about surface-level physicality has turned inward to concentrate on once-technical categories reserved for sterile doctor's offices, like dermatology, mental health, and nutrition. It isn't that applying a pristine cat-eye liner is not as beneficial a skill (and it is a skill) now because it was within the early-aughts. It's just that today, the sector is placing a premium on beauty from the within out.For those with certain skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, this includes working with medical specialists to treat the symptoms that will leave the body's largest organ in need of some extra-special TLC. And although there is not any...
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12 Oct

4 Products That Help With Eczema – According To

4 Products That Help With Eczema – According To A Dermatologist" width="400" height="225"> Dann Tardif / Getty Images “There are some skin concerns that uniquely impact those with melanin-rich skin including dryness and uneven skin tone,” says Caroline Robinson, MD, FAAD, dermatologist and founding father of Tone Dermatology.  Because the temperatures drop, eczema is very common in darker skin which is more at risk of water loss and dryness. From itchiness and flakiness, to tight and cracked skin, “these skin concerns can influence the forms of products and ingredients which can be chosen to be used.”  Different from dry skin, eczema is a chronic condition often feeling like an “intense itch that may almost feel like a burn,” she says. Although the condition...
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