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28 Mar

Chains, Pearls and Metals for Men

Chains, Pearls and Metals for Men
LONDON — Pink, green, blue and yellow daisy tennis chains and bracelets; daisy pearl necklaces and bracelets; heart-shaped rings and colourful stud earrings — these are only a couple of of the pieces on the web site of London-based jewelers Hatton Labs. “Our brand is predominantly male. It’s near a 75/25 split, female and male. We definitely design predominantly for men in mind, but 25 percent is large, which we’re very appreciative of,” said Joe Gelb, cofounder of the brand with Jack Cannon. Hatton Labs is perceived as a unisex brand online with its ambiguous campaign imagery and no online categories for men or women. Nevertheless, the pair usually are not able to be called a unisex brand yet. “My biggest fear for us...
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