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15 Jan

last minute Christmas nails with me🥹❣️#christmasnails #gelnails #nails red

Red and white nails idea, perfect as Christmas nails, winter nails, Valentine's day nails, or easy red nails. For this tutorial on red gel nails, I used the products: ➡️ Red gel polish: CG086 by @bornprettyofficial (id: 55845-86) - use the code “manuluize” to get 10%off on their website* affiliate code) ➡️ White gel polish: CG002 by Born Pretty (id: 55845-2) ➡️ 6 in 1 Nail Glue by Born Pretty ➡️ Red foil flakes ➡️ Super Top Coat by Born Pretty ➡️ Born Pretty Cuticle Oil // holiday nails, red nails, easy Christmas nails, winter nails trends, December nails, xmas nails, white nails, red Christmas nails, Christmas nails short, winter Christmas nails, Recent Years nails, Christmas nails acrylic, easy...
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