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4 Feb

Why are more men getting hair transplants?

We investigate the lengths men are going to in a bid to combat male pattern baldness It was on a windy day back in May that Lily Bling, London’s foremost fashion and cosmetic surgery socialite, realised he needed a hair transplant. “A gust of cold air forced itself towards my visage, and I caught a mirrored image of my widow’s peak within the Prada Bond Street window,” he tells Dazed Beauty, looking back on that crucial moment in his journey. “And with that, I made a decision: enough was enough.” One £7000 bank transfer from his father later, and Lily was on the surgery tables of Harley Street, starting his own journey to...
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25 Jan

Unpacking the pressure on men to be beach body

Within the run as much as summer, women aren't the one individuals who feel the pressures of being 'beach body ready' – it may affect men's mental health too Summer is coming. The world is heating up at an alarming rate. The long run consequences will undoubtedly be devastating. Within the short term, this implies I’m going to want a beach body to feel comfortable in my local park, let alone on holiday. Love Island is back on the TV; regardless that I resolutely refuse to look at the show, my social media feeds are populated by sculpted arms and washboard abs. The pressure I feel from this may be very real and really destructive. As...
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20 Nov

Contained in the rising ‘muscle dysmorphia crisis’ amongst young

Defined as a preoccupation with one’s perceived lack of muscularity, muscle dysmorphia is becoming increasingly prevalent, causing what experts are calling a ‘silent crisis’ in men’s mental health Like many boys within the 90s, Jonathon Freelove played with motion figures. He-Man, Ninja Turtles and ThunderCats were his favourites. While the characters were imaginary, he knew one a part of them resembled the human world: their torsos. Swollen biceps and defined abdominal muscles on the plastic figurines were his first introduction to what masculinity and the male physique could seem like.  By adolescence, the seemingly flawless, God-like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rocky Balboa were his idols. He would pick up his father’s copies of Men’s Health...
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