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4 Feb

 This Tanning and Hair Removal Studio Is Headed to

Sugared + Bronzed is primed for expansion.  The sunless tanning and sugaring hair removal studio, which currently operates 23 locations, is on the right track to open 10 to 12 latest outposts in 2024 and 10 to fifteen in 2025.  Sugared + Bronzed is one such example of service studios which are quickly expanding, as customers are willing to spend on beauty and wellness experiences even within the face of economic downtown, in response to experts. Fast facial bar Glowbar, which closed a $10 million series A in 2023, was on the right track to shut the yr with 10 locations and double that number in 2024. Social wellness spots, like Othership, Bathhouse and Treatment Place, are quickly growing as well with...
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19 Sep

Contained in the growing demand for everlasting make-up removal

With the make-up trend cycle speeding up, what happens to the individuals who committed to at least one specific look? It’s possible to get any modification to your appearance now. Not born with freckles? Tattoo them on! All the time thought your brow was a bit too big? Get reduction surgery! A fan of the snatched filter look? Show a health care provider your digital avatar and allow them to work their magic! The increasing accessibility of surgery and modification means our bodies are in constant flux alongside ever-changing beauty trends. What was once limited to celebrities and socialites is now accessible to – and increasingly expected of – almost everyone, with cosmetic surgery...
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18 Aug

Wax, Sugar, or Shave? Essence Beauty Guide to Hair

Image courtesy of Belle’s Wax Studio From vellus hair to leg hair, and all of the hair in between, hair removal is a monthly (or weekly) beauty regimen for a lot of Black women. Whether you remove hair with a razor in the lavatory or book a dermatologist appointment for laser removal, a hair-free body would be the preferred appearance. Nonetheless, the beautification of hair removal in Africa and the diaspora could also be more of a results of cultural conditioning.  In West Africa, Igbo women were stereotyped as hairy in literature like Igbo Village Affairs with pubic hair in connection to pride. In Zimbabwe, the Shona people saw pubic hair as an emblem of fertility; in Latest Guinea, for the Kwoma...
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