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1 Feb

Model and YouTuber Roshaante Anderson talks trans and intersex

Roshaante came upon he was intersex at 11 and commenced his medical transition to male at 16 – here he talks about dating as an intersex person, the realities of gender confirmation surgery and why he gets naked on YouTube Roshaante Anderson is a 24-year-old, model, YouTuber and activist. He is understood for his honest and sometimes galling videos by which he tackles the topics that others are too afraid to tackle; the potential for making a mistake if you change your body or the difficulties of self-acceptance when living with dysphoria. For higher (limitless compliments) or worse (abusive comments), he has also change into known for getting naked on YouTube, revealing his...
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17 Dec

Pharrell Williams Talks Aging, Energy and the Beauty Business

Despite evidence on the contrary, Pharrell Williams insists that he does, in actual fact, age. Asked for his age-defying secrets, the musician, producer and entrepreneur eventually landed on good vibes and humidity. But first, he demurred — “I do age,” Williams told the group of beauty executives on the WWD Beauty CEO Summit. “I occur to be one among those people, I believe wrinkles are beautiful.” Williams joined WWD and Beauty Inc executive editor Jenny B. Wonderful for a conversation on beauty, humanity and business. “Beauty is absolutely, truthfully, a spiritual thing, at the start. You may see someone that’s textbook beautiful, but it surely’s what comes out of their mouth or the energy that they vibrate that tells you if they are surely...
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16 Dec

Nicole Kidman Talks Hair and Partnering With Hair Care

Nicole Kidman has partnered with Vegamour, the Los Angeles-based wellness hair care company, WWD has learned exclusively. The actress is an investor and its “wellness advocate.” Kidman was trying to “back a couple of corporations” when she discovered the brand, she explained, calling from Nashville, Tenn. “Obviously not loads,” she continued. “I don’t have an unlimited period of time. And I’m really, really, really careful. I wanted ones that were contributing to the world, making the world higher and helping people in our world.” She felt that Vegamour is doing just that, after meeting its founder and chief executive officer Daniel Hodgdon, learning in regards to the ethos and science behind the brand — being organic, plant-based and harvested from wild ingredients — and...
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14 Dec

Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Aging, Latest Skin Care Partnership

More focused than ever, Roc Skincare is kicking off a latest partnership because it doubles down on purpose. The skincare brand has joined forces with Sarah Jessica Parker for the #LookForwardProject, meant to shift societal attitudes on aging. The initiative has several prongs — a campaign, a Parker-curated gift set and a charitable donation — and was born out of clinical research and girls’s attitudes toward aging. In response to a study from the brand with greater than 600 participants, 90 percent of ladies feel anxious about aging, the first driver being appearance-related. 60 percent of ladies are anxious about their appearance aging, while only 43 percent worry about amassing enough money to retire. Parker does use Roc products, but even within the...
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