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26 Nov

Maschalagnia: contained in the world of armpit fetishism

From kink club nights to JustForFans content, Ryan Cahill lifts the lid on the armpit partialism scene Once you hear the word “kink”, what’s the very first thing that involves mind? For a lot of, it’ll be the things which are represented within the mainstream most frequently: bondage, feet, roleplay. For others, it is likely to be your individual personal kink, perhaps that’s tights, tickling or trampling? But for some people, the very first thing that springs to mind can be armpits. We see them in all places: on billboards, in magazines, on the gym, you’ve probably even had your face stuffed in a single on public transport, but while many wouldn’t give...
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23 Nov

The damaging world of black market Ozempic

It’s clear that there must be a crackdown on unlicensed sellers of weight reduction drugs that are putting the health of vulnerable people in danger Michelle first used a semaglutide ‘skinny jab’ two years ago, after a consultation with a registered nurse. But when Michelle sought one other prescription this autumn, she found that the surge in demand for semaglutide had resulted in a supply shortage. Unable to access the drug via a good source, Michelle turned to social media. She soon found an organization on Facebook promoting products advertised as “skinny jabs and pretend tan jabs”, and sent them a message asking if she could buy certainly one of their injector pens. “They...
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14 Nov

Beekman 1802, Ulta Ring Opening Bell for World Kindness

For anyone which will have encountered a goat at Nasdaq’s Times Square headquarters in Recent York City on Monday, there was in truth an inexpensive explanation. Beekman 1802, the skincare company that cites its two foremost ingredients as being goat’s milk and kindness, was there to honor World Kindness Day and in fact needed to bring its chief mascot along. In honor of the occasion, Beekman 1802 founders Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge, together with Ulta Beauty‘s vice chairman of merchandising Penny Coy, rang Nasdaq’s opening bell. It’s not the primary time the 2 corporations have joined forces for kindness. Last yr, Beekman 1802 and Ulta worked with Kindness.org on a study to measure how kindness shows up within the workplace. The...
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11 Nov

When Chicana glam goes emo: enter Selena Ruiz’s world

Combining punk, goth and juggalo make-up with Latine influences, the make-up artist is defining a recent variety of graphic eyeliner If the cool girl is dead, then make-up artist Selena Ruiz could be dolling up the girlies for the funerals – chocolate over-lined lips, dark skinny eyebrows and daring wings all included. The gig could be fitting for her, too, since her make-up journey began as a coping mechanism after her mother’s death. Afraid to indicate how she truly felt, she would use goth takes on sharp shapes and abstract designs to govern how people saw her. What was solely a mask for pain has now evolved right into a blueprint for her...
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