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9 Oct

These photos explore the healing power of color therapy

These photos explore the healing power of color therapy

In a latest shoot and film, director Erika Astrid and photographer John Michael Fulton tell a story of transformation through color

“This project isn’t nearly beauty; it’s a therapeutic exploration,” says creative director, photographer and director Erika Astrid about her atmospheric shoot that harnesses the healing power of color. “It’s a visible journey, using colors to evoke emotions and capture the essence of moods.” Inspired by auras and color therapy, the vivid images tell the story of an individual in constant flux between chaos and calm. 

The surrealist shoot was also inspired by Mark Rothko’s expressionist paintings, produced within the latter half of the 20th century, which held a deep understanding of the best way color could express how we subconsciously feel. After researching Rothko’s work, Astrid composed a mood board stuffed with similar visuals, as a start line for the team to every draw inspiration from.

Color therapy is nothing latest; the centuries-old practice dates all the best way back to ancient Egypt. Often known as chromotherapy, the practice uses color and lightweight to assist encourage healing by stimulating the brain and the body’s natural functions. Early practitioners would use colored glass to aim and direct the sunshine from the sun onto the person in need. The therapy has since evolved into modernised LED saunas and face masks, with Mitch Yoshida’s make-up recreating the consequences for the shoot. 

Yoshida brought this idea to life by fiddling with daring and dramatic colors, to precise a way of disorder, while also using softer and more harmonious tones, to point out balance and tranquillity.

When it got here to the nails, artist Suu Yung played with mood through each color and sharp, uneven textures. “Suu’s skill lies in her ability to breathe life into these concepts, deftly fiddling with shapes and hues, infusing her unique artistic touch to consistently produce amazing nail art,” says Astrid.

The shoot ends in striking images, with Astrid hoping they resonate with viewers on a deeper psychological level. “I hope these photographs evoke a spread of emotions in people. I need them to feel the transformative power of color, the serenity amidst chaos, and the profound connections between inner energies and external expressions.”

Photographer John Michael Fulton, creative director + video Erika Astrid, model Hody Yim @APM, stylist Stella Evans, hair Takao Hayashi, make-up Mitch Yoshida, nails Suu Yung, retoucher Oleg Palchyk

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