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23 Nov

10 costliest celeb bodyguards

costliest celeb bodyguards

costliest celeb bodyguards

costliest celeb bodyguards These celebs just need to feel secure! That’s why they’ve hired the costliest bodyguards within the business. Ever wonder how much these muscles receives a commission? Listed below are a number of the priciest protection on the earth of celebrities.

These celebs must make SURE they’re secure than after they’re out in public, that’s why they spare no expense on their hired bodyguards! With a billion-dollar empire between them, it’s no wonder that David and Victoria Beckham shell out big time for his or her security detail.

Bella Hadid has a private bodyguard at her side 24/7- and it doesn’t hurt that fans think he looks lots like motion star Jason Statham! Adele’s 24/hour security comes with a hefty annual fee of $75,000. Katy Perry spends a TON on private security.

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00:00 Intro
00:17 Adele
00:54 Taylor Swift
01:30 Kylie Jenner
02:05 The Beckhams
02:28 Katy Perry
02:50 Bella Hadid
03:14 Jennifer Aniston
03:43 Rihanna
04:11 Harry Styles
04:36 Kim Kardashian
05:14 Outro

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Edited by: Gabriel Avendaño

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