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18 Dec

10 of the most well liked Instagram accounts fusing

Managing to (mostly) slip under the radar of Instagram’s notorious censorship rules, these are the flesh-baring accounts you would like to follow

Instagram’s notorious censorship rules have alienated many artists from the app, with anything deemed too revealing or sexual in nature – infamously including women’s, but not men’s, nipples – banned from the feed. 

But despite the questionable regulations, today IG stays a spot of creativity, connection and discovery. For the artists and designers who use the body of their work, specifically the feminine form, creative solutions have been made to seek out a technique to skirt the road between the erotic and the specific – sliding (mostly) past IG’s watchful eye while doing so.

Below, try the accounts to follow for flesh-baring and bodies at their best.


Jade O’Belle, model, artist, creative director and now filmmaker – her short film Birthright was released in September – focuses on the body in every thing she does. Through the usage of sculpture, costume and rituals, O’Belle explores feminine identity with the aim to reclaim, reintroduce and decolonise.


Orange – the fruit, not color – bras and lettuce shorts make up photographer Gab Bois’ Instagram account with the photographer and visual artist’s playful work, and the way in which they use the body inside it, capturing the eye of brands from Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs to Isa Boulder.


Self-dubbed “that body morphing bitch”, London-based Australian artist Michaela Stark began creating lingerie to subvert the industry’s usual way of concealing and revealing flesh. Using her own body as her subject, Stark contorts her shape through the usage of corsets, cutouts and chains, pushing flesh out in strange angles and turning her body into art. After years of increase a following online, Stark’s debut collection was released last week. 


Georgia Harper is an Australian stylist, costume designer, graphic designer, textile artist and occasional model who uses their multidisciplinary skills to create the sort of unique, revolutionary and transhumanist work the industry Down Under has long been craving.


Artist Misha Japanwala began creating her signature breastplates in her bedroom, painting silicone and plastic onto her naked form. As her work is sculptures, not nudity, they’re undetected by Instagram’s censors, meaning Japanwala’s account is filled with her unique way of mixing fashion and art with the feminine form.


Latest Zealand-based designer Beka Moore created her namesake label with humour in mind, highlighting and revealing parts of the body clothing normally covers up through cut-outs and paper-stuffed pouches that many ladies noted via Instagram usually are not only cheeky, but, in the case of breastfeeding, practical too.


Nusi Quero is best known by some for his 3D-rendered couture corsets; his part in Grimes’ “alien scars” back tattoo; and more recently, for adorning none apart from Beyoncé for none apart from her Renaissance album cover in chrome body armour. Surprisingly, Quero – who studied architecture and is a musician by trade – has no formal fashion training. Moderately, he began creating the futuristic couture pieces he’s turn into known for simply via the mix of intuition and intention. 


Daniel Foxx, known within the industry by the Instagram handle @Foxxatron, has had his most up-to-date Instagram image removed thrice. “Reposting with no ????,” he wrote on the newest upload, showing two women embracing, naked but for the thigh-high patent boots they’re wearing. The photographer has made a reputation for themselves within the industry for the way in which they photograph women’s bodies, recently working with Megan Thee Stallion and Future for the artwork on their song, “Pressurelicious”.

Who doesn’t love slime? The photographer and artist known only online by the name of ‘Slimelord’ makes vibrant versions of the sticky liquid substance at home, then uses it on models to photograph the way in which the slime shapes across the figure because it softens from body heat. For individuals who want to do this at home, Slimelord also sells by the gallon.


Swedish photographer and visual artist Julia SH has at all times been concerned about the geometry and textures that make up the body, portraying her subjects often as sculptures, paintings or as a part of the natural environment. Since relocating to Los Angeles, a city inside a rustic where women’s bodies are highly politicised, SH’s work has turn into much more laser-focused.

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