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6 Nov

12 Press-On Nail Sets That Will Get You In

12 Press-On Nail Sets That Will Get You In

You’ve been rocking your neon acrylics all summer; now it’s time to get cozy with neutral and muted tones again because the temperatures drop. The season switch got here on quickly, and you almost certainly haven’t had time to take into consideration nail inspiration. Here’s a fast fall nail inspiration refresh to get your next manicure on top of things with seasonal pivot. When looking for your next set, the components to contemplate are color, design, and shape. We understand how overwhelming selecting your next set on the salon may be. You ought to check out a couple of different trends without the time and price of dabbling in latest nail territory. That’s where press-ons are available in. 

A few of the trends that took over this NYFW you possibly can expect every nail salon to be replicating are textured nails with gems and crystals, coloured metallics, vampy reds and all-over black, non-traditional french suggestions, short nails are on the rise, and so are squared suggestions. It’s at all times so exciting to bask in the newest nail trends, but deciding which to check out may be difficult. Press-ons make it easy to pop on set at home and switch between designs each time you’re ready to your next manicure.

Here we compiled ten press-on sets that may put you within the pumpkin spice spirit.

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