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28 Sep

15 Latine Models Who Spoke About Their Struggles In

15 Latine Models Who Spoke About Their Struggles In

She told Teen Vogue, “The best way I incorporate my Latinidad in my work and advocacy is at all times ensuring that each opportunity or any work I’m in highlights me as I’m: gay, Puerto Rican, and Latino. I at all times take into account my people, and I need to be certain that I’m representing us in a light-weight of representation not only as a Latino, but a plus-size Latino. Even in a recent beauty and fragrance campaign that I just shot because the only, and perhaps the primary, plus-size male model and Latino to be in a significant beauty campaign, I wore a Latino-designed piece for it. I need to be certain that there’s a chunk of us being seen as much as possible.”

Ady also told Dazed, “The dial has moved slightly bit on the masculine side of plus-size representation, however the intersectionality isn’t there and there are a number of spaces where that representation will be amplified. … It’s frustrating, and it appears like I’m the just one speaking up. Models which might be seen as more acceptable because they’re taller or more masculine aren’t affected, so they are not vocal about it and I sound like a broken record because I have been repeating myself for the past six years.”

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