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9 Feb

15 Rice Water Shampoos and Treatments in 2023 to

Rice Water Shampoos and Treatments

We are able to wax poetic about many hair-care products, but with regards to busting brittle texture and dullness, rice water shampoos and coverings are top-tier. This ingredient, which is derived out of your on a regular basis pantry staple, is the most effective shine-boosting ingredients that also makes hair feel soft and smooth to the touch — no wonder TikTokers and celebs like Cardi B have been turning to it.

You’ll be able to consider rice water because the Swiss army knife of additives, due to its abundance of nutrients. Los Angeles-based, board-certified dermatologist James Y. Wang, MD says that this nourishing ingredient assists in repairing the hair cuticle and plumps the look of hair through its abundance of protein. “Because rice water has protein, the amino acids within the protein may also help strengthen the hair strands by diffusing through the cuticles,” he says.

With that being said, more rice protein in your routine is just not at all times higher: Dr. Wang suggests using a rice water-infused product not more than twice per week for as much as quarter-hour. “Bear in mind that overuse of rice water may cause the protein to accumulate on the scalp and cause inflammation and irritation,” he warns.

Yes, rice water is undoubtedly an incredible addition to any hair type’s beauty regimen, but in case you’ve noticed a number of TikTok beauty reviewers calling it a must for hair growth, Dhaval G. BhanusaliMD, a board-certified dermatologist based in Latest York, previously told Allure to be skeptical of this claim. In response to Dr. Bhanusali, rice water coats the hair and provides it a thicker, richer, and shinier finish. That is why he refers to this ingredient as “a low-risk way of attempting to add more life to hair.”

So, rice water won’t cure hair loss, but it surely definitely has nourishing properties that’ll make the hair you currently have softer, shinier, and thicker-looking. Want to do this impressive ingredient for yourself? Below, take a take a look at a few of one of the best rice water-enriched formulas that may make dry hair and brittleness a thing of the past.


Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask

R+Co Dallas Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner

Brianca Ligginsa hairstylist on the Tricoci Salon & Spa in Chicago, says the Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask is certainly one of her favorite hair masks ever for its rice bran extract–infused formulation, which leaves hair soft to the touch and reflective as glass. “I exploit it as a treatment on those self-care days a number of times a month to revive my dry hair,” she says. “I can really see an enormous difference in manageability and smoothness on the times I do use it.” This wealthy mask also prevents breakage and seals split ends through the brand’s proprietary alpha keratin 60KU, an artificial derivative of keratin.

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