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2 Oct

18 Latest Books We Can’t Wait To Read This

As we enter the times of summer, lots of us are itching to get outside, but on those relaxing days once you just need to stay in, there are many stories for Black authors to set the mood.

There’s nothing higher than book, and there are plenty of nice reads that shall be available in the approaching months. National bestselling creator Kiki Swinson is ready to release Playing Their Games later this month, Leesa Cross-Smith penned the highly anticipated novel Half-Blown Rose, which is able to drop in July, and Carolyn Ferrell introduces herself to the masses along with her first book Dear Miss Metropolitan, a finalist for the 2022 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction.

Along with those authors, there are several other works from Black writers being published this summer. The stories include historical explorations of race in America, the journey of two women encountering latest love, and the importance of everlasting friendship.

So, in the event you’re seeking to immerse yourself in book, here is a listing of the very best latest books to read this summer.

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