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22 Oct

4 Fashion Maximalist Influencers Making Waves With Their Eclectic Style  

4 Fashion Maximalist Influencers Making Waves With Their Eclectic Style  

While loungewear and minimalism trends seemed in every single place through the pandemic, a latest trend from the opposite end of the spectrum is gaining traction: maximalism. Followers look to daring colours, mixed prints and couture-like elements to provide themselves mood boosts during otherwise dreary times.

The trend is supported by maximalist influencers, who share photos and videos of their eccentric looks — think creating an outfit entirely out of newspapers — on Instagram and TikTok. Their content has gained the eye of fashion brands, including Coach, H&M and Collina Strada, and other corporations which might be trying to partner with the creators.

Here, 4 fashion maximalist influencers talk in regards to the phenomenon — giving insight into their very own style, fall fashion trends and why they think their over-the-top aesthetic is resonating with the masses. 

Alix Scherer: @WearingAlix

Alix Scherer

Fashion influencer Alix Scherer has been a lifelong fan of maximalist dressing, but has leaned more heavily on the creative outlet as a type of self-expression while working at an office job for town of Latest York. 

“It might probably be difficult when your job doesn’t involve any creativity, but you’re feeling like you have to be creative and you’ve a creative side,” Scherer, who uses she/they pronouns, says. “Coming to an office each day where it will possibly feel daunting and also you don’t necessarily see windows and it lacks color — for me, I used to be looking for something to search out an outlet of self-expression and my clothing has all the time been a chunk of self-expression for me.” 

Scherer began sharing their looks on Instagram in February 2020. The influencer has slowly built their following over the past two years, now boasting over 16,700 followers. Scherer’s colourful outfits and uplifting videos have gained the eye of several brands who’ve tapped them for partnerships, reminiscent of Hush Puppies Sock Candy. 

The influencer defines her style as “colourful business casual,” given their affinity for daring colours and love of dressier styles. Their style consists of vibrant colours, chunky jewelry and mixed prints. For fall, Scherer says they’re looking forward to wearing sequins and tulle pieces.

Scherer’s essential style icon is certainly one of the unique fashion maximalists: fashion icon Iris Apfel (in addition to her family, which she describes as “type of a fashionista family).” 

“My style could be very uninhibited and I don’t necessarily conform to the principles that typically apply to office wear or color theory,” Scherer says. “It’s mostly that out-of-the-box and uninhibited pondering that I believe people respect. As we move forward as a society, an increasing number of individuals are leaning into the concept you don’t must follow whatever style rules were set by whatever standards up to now. It’s respected that it’s good to push those boundaries and it’s good to lean into who you’re versus who you’re thinking that you’re imagined to be.” 

Ami and Aya Suzuki: @amixxamiaya and @ayaxxamiaya

Ami and Aya Suzuki

Twins Ami and Aya Suzuki have long made waves for his or her matching, colourful style, ever since they began blogging and using social media within the early 2010s. 

The twins have had many roles throughout their careers, working as DJs, models and collaborating with Japanese fashion brands, but through all of it they’ve established themselves — and developed a following of greater than 550,000 on Instagram — as among the original fashion maximalist influencers.

They’ve worked with many major brands, including Moschino, H&M, Montblanc, Coach and others. 

“Our style mixes various tastes and pursues originality by expressing the enjoyment of fashion through using color,” the Suzuki twins say in a joint interview. “From hair styling to makeup, we consistently aim to create an individuality that only we will bring out.” 

A trademark of the influencers’ style is their constant matching, with outfits that complement one another through shared patterns or the identical color palette. In addition they have an affinity for pink, frequently wearing the colour of their clothes and niknaks, and often dyeing their hair different shades of pink.

“For us, the keyword ‘twins’ is certainly one of our identities,” they are saying. “We attempt to match one another in clothing and styling not directly. That is something we’re conscious of regularly, not only during fashion week. Our style could be very much in regards to the impact of being twins. We express what we will do because we’re twins, and we complement one another by always discussing, taking a look at one another objectively and updating one another.” 

Their love of pink is something they’re maintaining this fall. Along with keeping their pink hairstyles, the twins are looking forward to styling their looks with pink corsets and vintage pieces.

Sara Camposarcone: @saracamposarcone 

Sara Camposarcone

Sara Camposarcone cemented her status as a fashion maximalist influencer because of certainly one of her first viral TikTok videos last yr where the Toronto-based creator tries on a head-to-toe, dog-themed outfit. 

Since then, she’s posted many videos that focus on styling an unconventional item, reminiscent of a hamburger-themed bra, flip flops featuring a grape design or a child’s cuisine hair clip. Camposarcone’s daring looks have earned her greater than 900,000 TikTok followers, plus 87,500 followers on Instagram. 

“I might describe my style as pretty daring,” she explains. “I’m definitely drawn to paint. For me, it’s such an enormous mood booster. It makes me so joyful, in order that’s what I’m going for. But [my style] is pretty eccentric and eclectic as well. I really like things which might be nostalgic for me. Anything that jogs my memory of my childhood, like anything related to a TV show that I used to observe. I really like to play into my inspiration for what I wear today.”

Camposarcone has had a lifelong interest in fashion and maximalist dressing. The influencer began developing her style in highschool when she grew her affinity for thrift shopping. After college, she turned her love of fashion right into a profession, working in marketing at an apparel company, and now she works as a content creator full time, partnering with fashion brands and major corporations like McDonald’s and Samsung. 

She has many style influences for her eccentric outfits, but gets most of her ideas taking a look at the ‘90s runways of designers like Marc Jacobs and Betsy Johnson in addition to from Japanese fashion magazines, she says. This fall, she’s looking most forward to wearing layers again, in addition to bringing back her favorite fuzzy hats. 

“At first it began as like, ‘oh this person is super weird and her style is absolutely weird,’” she says, about her videos. “It’s interesting to observe, but at the identical time I don’t think it was like people were really like I might dress like her, but as time went on it type of got thus far where people follow and watch my videos not even only for the style but for the arrogance that I exude in my videos, or simply the inspiration that you could wear whatever you wish and never care what people think.”  

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