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23 Aug

54 Thrones Launched A Latest Body Cream – Essence

Image courtesy of 54 Thrones

54 Thrones, an African beauty brand founded by Christina Tegbe, originates from the concept of fresh beauty. Her childhood within the American South is deeply connected to the essence of Africa, as an aunt anointed Tegbe with kilos of Nigerian shea butter. Inspired by the profound beauty not only of Nigeria but additionally across your entire continent, the founding father of 54 Thrones opens the guts and soul of Africa to the diaspora and the world.

Sourced from all 54 African countries, the various ingredients of 54 Thrones have inspired the launch of their latest product. Named the Barrier Repair Cloud Body Cream, this mesmerizing full-body moisturizer is meticulously handcrafted by artisans, symbolizing Africa’s vibrant culture and its people.

Supported by ancestral tradition, 54 Thrones draws from generations of African skincare using ancient formulas. The Cloud Body Cream features an extract from the South African Resurrection Plant, a miraculous desert plant with deep ancestral roots.

The miraculous plant extract is employed across Africa to handle various ailments and skin issues. Capable of tolerating severe drought, the plant enters a dormant state and revives with rainfall. Very like the Resurrection Plant’s resilience, the body cream is indispensable for revitalized, well-hydrated skin.

Crafted from plant extracts and Ethiopian Tree Flower Honey, this cream is transformed right into a moisture-rich cloud to your skin. Because the aroma of Africa permeates your pores, featuring notes of Ugandan Vanilla and Ethiopian Honey, your body becomes a sanctuary of scented indulgence harking back to vanilla honeysuckle.

Enhanced by age-old plants and extracts, the cream is created using a complicated mix. The 54 Thrones Triple Barrier Repair Complex employs peptides and hyaluronic acid to reinforce skin volume, promoting collagen production with a dense yet non-greasy formulation.

Like all 54 Thrones products, the Barrier Repair Cloud Body Cream incorporates essential naturally sourced ingredients chosen for his or her botanical bioactives. This approach yields dense, nutrient-rich products that deliver effective outcomes. Crucial components throughout the 54 Thrones range are cultivated on African soil and draw inspiration from age-old African traditions.

Mix the shea butter-infused Cloud Body Cream with items equivalent to the Black Soap Detox Bar or In-Shower Body Melt to experience a way of belonging within the ancestral homeland without ever leaving home. Spanning Ghana to Uganda, Nigeria to Ethiopia, the Barrier Repair Cloud Body Cream is a culmination of diverse African influences.

The Barrier Repair Cloud Body Cream is offered now for $36 at Sephora.com and 54thrones.com.

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