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14 Apr

A Look Back at Blink 182’s Y2K Punk Style

Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker, the unique members of the rock band Blink 182, will probably be back together for an exclusive performance on the Coachella Festival in Indio, California, on Friday. The event marks their first gig together since DeLonge quit the group in 2014 to pursue his seek for UFOs. The reunited trio can also be gearing as much as debut their recent world tour on May 4 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. 

Chargeable for early-2000s rock anthems equivalent to “All of the Small Things” and “Stockholm Syndrome,” Blink 182 also had hits in the style world, influencing punk fans, millennial teens and emo followers in all places. Cargo shorts, exposed boxers and T-shirts over long sleeves are only a few of the trends embraced by them over time. 

Here, WWD takes a more in-depth have a look at Blink 182’s Y2K punk style.

Blink 182 on the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards 2000.

Getty Images

Long before wearing coordinating gothic outfits along with his wife, Kourtney Kardashian, drummer Travis Barker was bringing a distinct style to red carpets. For the MTV Video Music Awards 2000, Barker paired Dickies long shorts with Adidas Samba sneakers, each styles which are making a comeback due to Gen Z’s appreciation for Y2K fashion. DeLonge selected an analogous style to Barker’s, adding a red Hurley T-shirt over white long sleeves. Meantime, Hoppus sported the then-viral spiked haircut with a black and white look.

Blink 182 on the 2004 Teen Selection Awards.

Getty Images

For the Teen Selection Awards in 2004, DeLonge styled a trucker hat along with his outfit, while Barker decided to go shirtless, leaving a part of his striped boxers exposed. Hoppus wore skate-style slip-on sneakers with a plaid print paired with a lightweight pink T-shirt, preceding the Tumblr Pink era.

Blink 182 at MTV’s “Total Request Live” in 2004.

Getty Images

In the identical yr, the group appeared on MTV’s “Total Request Live” trying on more contemporary trends. Barker felt breezy in his “Live fast, die fun” tank top and DC’s trucker hat. DeLonge paired his Macbeth shirt with a white studded leather belt and black pants. Hoppus buttoned up in a striped shirt.

Blink 182 at their summer tour launch party in 2009.

Getty Images

Ahead of their recent tour in 2009, the trio’s style had evolved to embrace more prints and fitted pants. Hoppus went all black with a graphic print T-shirt. DeLonge paired a plaid shirt with acid-wash denim jeans and Barker wore camo cargo shorts with classic high-top Vans.

Blink-182 on the 2020 iHeartRadio ALTer EGO.

Getty Images

In 2020, Hoppus and Barker showed up on the iHeartRadio ALTer Ego with Matt Skiba, who replaced DeLonge when he departed, showing a distinct style. As an alternative of cargo pants and oversized shorts, the 2 original members donned skinny black jeans. Hoppus gave his look a pop of color with Nike Air 270 sneakers, while Barker selected a black sweater with a yellow graphic print.

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