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9 Dec

A Look Back At The Life And Profession Of

Today, the family of actress Mary Alice Smith announced her passing on the night of Wednesday, July 27, in Latest York City. Known professionally as Mary Alice, the Tony and Emmy Award-winning talent had a profession that spanned fifty years, first acting in theater plays within the Sixties and transitioning into film and tv within the a long time that followed.

Mary Alice officially retired from acting in 2005, but left a legacy of memorable roles in her wake, from starring as Effie Williams within the musical Sparkle within the ’70s and playing the beloved dorm director Lettie on A Different World within the ’80s, all the best way as much as taking up the character of the oracle in The Matrix Revolutions within the early 200s.

Born in Mississippi, Mary Alice moved along with her family to Chicago when she was just two years old. It was there that she began acting in community theater after graduating from Chicago Teacher’s College and teaching at an elementary school. Acting soon led Mary Alice to Latest York City where she appeared in multiple theater productions before making her big screen debut within the 1974 film The Education of Sonny Carson. TV roles soon followed on shows like Police Woman and Sanford and Son together with additional parts on the silver screen in Malcolm X, Down within the Delta, and The Inkwell.

As we remember the cinematic gifts Mary Alice left behind, here we take a take a look at her life and profession.

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