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27 Sep

A Recent Vision of Design

During this 12 months’s World Design Cities Conference (WDCC) WWD is proudly launching its inaugural SHANGHAI GALA. 

The World Design Cities Conference 2023 (WDCC2023), hosted by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and National Commission of the People’s Republic of China for UNESCO, can be held in Shanghai from September 26 to October 2.

The event, which just appointed Chinese actor and singer Jackson Yee as Youth Ambassador for WDCC2023, will cover multiple activities revolving around its global theme “Recent Vision of Design” with the SHANGHAI GALA to be considered one of the highlights of this 12 months.

Fashion and design are within the midst of a latest wave of transformation, while classic design echoes with the times. Within the evolution of the times, design is linking more closely with the social reality and dynamics with the style is continually flowing between the classic and the cutting-edge designs.

Within the twenty first century, when latest lifestyle is emerging, WWD CHINA will hold the primary SHANGHAI GALA with the theme of ‘NEW VISION OF DESIGN’ to pay tribute to each industrial giant who has been working hard in the sector of fashion design, and to each great enterprise that deserves to be praised within the 12 months 2023, when fluctuations and great changes coexist. This can be a grand event that surpasses the historical cycle and links the style worlds of China and the West. On behalf of Shanghai, we extend a sincere invitation to the world on twenty eighth September.

From 2019-2023, WWD CHINA persevered its exploration in China and linked the worldwide markets, adhering to the three strategic dimensions of culture, science and technology, and sustainability. We aimed to get better the essence of fashion business and help Chinese fashion enterprises’ debut and operation on the international fashion stage.

As WWD CHINA enters its fifth 12 months, we base ourselves on Shanghai, the essential window of Chinese fashion to the world, and gather designers and creators from everywhere in the world with SHANGHAI GALA, to construct a fashion highland to look into the longer term, in order that every talented fashionistas and each enterprise heading for greatness may have the flexibility to see the longer term.

At this 12 months’s SHANGHAI GALA, WWD CHINA will hold a legendary fashion exhibition in China that traverses a century of fashion under the worldwide vision. With “Tribute to Classics”, “Appreciation of Contemporary” and “Design for the Future” because the lines, the exhibition will run through the WWD century-long gallery of the era’s classic designs, and present the unchanging cycle of newness and birth from the refinement of classics, evolution of the times and outlining of the longer term. With “culture”, “sustainability”, and “science and technology” because the latitudinal lines, it is going to present the eager about the style industry, and showcase the proud power of the brand new designs within the industry.

This exhibition specially invites renowned art curator, critic, designer, design educator and author Professor Su Dan, Doctor of Art Theory of the Central Academy of Fantastic Arts, curator, critic, research librarian, and Deputy Director of the Exhibition Department of the National Art Museum of China Professor Liu Chunfeng to serve because the curator of this exhibition. With the vision of their skilled art and design disciplines, they appear on the contemporary fashion industry to clarify how it is going to transcend the borders, traverse the cycle, and catalyse the birth of a latest generation of aesthetics and a latest social civilization within the inheritance of generations.

Bicester, an organization specializing in sustainable design and development, exploration of sustainable future along with MoldBreaking, an organization specializing in BEAUTY brands going Overseas.We offer one-stop solutions of “brand strategy – digital marketing – omnichannel development” for brands going abroad, especially Japanese mass market will take part in the exhibition.The Macallan, with the newly launched The Macallan Litha, an incomparable highland single malt Sctoch whisky, bringing more glamour spark to this dazzling night. At the identical time, sincere gratitude goes to Xiaohongshu for its strong support.

WWD CHINA will announce the WWD HONORS Achievers at this 12 months’s SHANGHAI GALA, specializing in China’s latest designers prospering on the international stage and fashion enterprises expanding their global brand ecology and industrial chain. With ‘cultural connotation’, ‘sustainable fashion’, ‘technological empowerment’, ‘latest business pattern’ and ‘product innovation’ as comprehensive dimensions, the award will recognize their outstanding contributions to the upgrading of the international influence of China’s fashion industry.

At the identical time, WWD CHINA will join hands with its strategic partners to launch the Brand Power Program fashion industry incubator and ‘Recent and Power of NEXT Program Fashion’, which is able to provide comprehensive and accurate support for the brand new generation of China’s fashion industry, the strategic expansion of young brands or designers, and the brand value constructing.

A Magical Journey of Recent Vision: Support of the Legendary Maye Musk

Maye Musk

On this unprecedented journey with the theme of ‘NEW VISION OF DESIGN’, WWD CHINA invited Maye Musk – a legendary woman in the style industry, to be the SHANGHAI GALA International Ambassador.

After 60 years of modelling, Maye Musk has redefined her profession, and along with her silver hair, she still shines in front of the camera and on the runway, shattering stereotypes of beauty. For her, yesterday’s glamour isn’t as essential as tomorrow’s latest path. Maye Musk will bring her wealthy experience and insight into the novelty and power of fashion to light up SHANGHAI GALA.

On twenty eighth September, at the primary SHANG GALA, we invite you to link the Chinese and Western fashion worlds along with WWD CHINA. With joining hands, we’ll look back on the classics to raised explore the brand new design and vision in the longer term.

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