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23 Nov

A Truly Beautiful Day – Essence

Step into the exclusive Beauty Carnival at ESSENCE Festival of Culture with Tamish Bates.

Watch now to listen to how beauty is a mirrored image of who you might be and the way you show up on the planet every day. That’s the thrill for this special beauty edition of ESSENCE Street Style, powered by Goal.

As one among the ladies on this video says, beauty is showing up—so why not arrive with confident, gorgeous curls, twists, brands or locs – like we saw some folks sporting in NOLA.

To make it occur, try Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk to cut back frizz and showcase those curls! We also love Sunday II Sunday Soothe Me Every day Scalp Serum for those of you preferring to wear protective styles in the course of the summer months (and even year-round). Remember to indicate your scalp some love, shine and rehydration! And a special shout out goes to all the boys whose style and hair were unmatched. Try this Frederick Benjamin Sleek Water Pomade for a sleek and glossy finish in your curls as well.

Last, but not least, let your melanin shine through—with none white residue with Black Girl Sunscreen. You’ll get all of the dark spots, tremendous lines, and hyperpigmentation protection you wish without all of the stuff you don’t.

Find more beauty and haircare must-haves all at Goal, at once!

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