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1 Oct

Aárd Is Keeping Traditional Aleppo Soap Alive – Setting


Founded by Martina Carlson and Pauline Norden, Stockholm-based Aárd was born out of a shared frustration with the ever-expanding list of products and convoluted routines dictated by the beauty industry.

Their mission was clear: to simplify beauty and haircare while emphasizing transparency, effectiveness, and a minimalist approach.

Inspired by Hammam: Where Beauty Meets Minimalism

Aárd’s founders found inspiration within the elegant and thoughtful beauty rituals of Hammam, the general public bathing houses scattered across the Middle East. In these ancient sanctuaries, they found a profound contrast to the overwhelming product-driven beauty culture they sought to vary.

Hammam rituals prioritized quality over quantity, favouring a minimalist approach that focused on the essentials. It was here that the seeds of Aárd’s philosophy were sown.

The Soapmaker’s Legacy: Aárd’s Cornerstone

A pivotal moment in Aárd’s founding got here after they crossed paths with Fouad, a sixth-generation soap-maker. Fouad’s family had faithfully preserved the traditions of Aleppo soap-making since 1848, a recipe and method that had endured for over 4,000 years.

The journey of Fouad’s family business took an unexpected turn when the Syrian war struck in 2012. Like many Syrians, they were forced to adapt to the tough realities of conflict. With an unwavering determination to maintain their tradition alive, they relocated their factory across the border to Antakya, Turkey. Despite the upheaval, the family remained committed to maintaining the identical high-quality and natural ingredients that had defined their soap for generations.

Aárd’s Founding Philosophy: Transparency and Minimalism

The essence of Aárd’s philosophy is to encourage a greater understanding of the products people placed on their bodies. They advocate for transparency in ingredients, difficult the bewildering beauty jargon and excesses which have change into all too common. Aárd strives to simplify beauty routines, replacing overconsumption with a minimalist approach that values quality over quantity.


Ingredients You Can Trust: Olive Oil and Laurel Berry Oil

Aárd’s soap cubes contain only two lively ingredients: olive oil and laurel berry oil. Each of those ingredients are sourced from the Antakya region in Turkey, where the soap cubes are meticulously crafted. Olive oil is widely known for its nourishing and moisturizing properties, while laurel berry oil, lesser-known but equally remarkable, brings natural antibacterial, antiviral, and anti inflammatory advantages.

These properties make Aárd’s soap suitable for a spread of skin types, particularly sensitive and problematic skin.


Personalized Beauty: Variety for Different Skin Types

Aárd recognizes that everybody’s skin is exclusive. To cater to diverse needs, their soap cubes can be found with various percentages of laurel berry oil—5%, 20%, and 40%.

This range allows individuals to decide on the cube that most closely fits their skin and scalp type, ensuring a customized beauty routine.

Sustainability in Packaging: An Earth-Friendly Alternative

Beyond the products themselves, Aárd is committed to sustainability in its packaging. The brand’s founders, each keen about design, sought to reflect their philosophy in every aspect of their products. The cube shape of their soap symbolizes the earth in sacred geometry and aligns with their brand name, Aárd, derived from the Arabic word for “earth” (ardh).

The packaging is crafted from natural kraft cardstock with an earthy color scheme, mirroring Aárd’s commitment to natural, eco-conscious decisions. It’s made out of recycled and recyclable materials sourced from responsibly managed forests and mills, ensuring that it breaks down into natural elements when exposed to the environment.

All images in this text are courtesy of Aárd.

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