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9 Jan

Actual Objects Dazed 100 | Dazed

Casting your eyes over the toxic wastelands, hellfire floors and uncanny valley-avatars in Actual Objects’ expansive body of labor, you may begin to feel the perimeters of reality peeling away. Watch their speculative documentary Solstice, music video for Yves Tumor’s “Jackie”, or film Marée Noire for designer Marine Serre, and it becomes difficult to discern what has been photographed, digitally rendered or filmed. It is because the creative studio sees an inherent materiality in technology. Every project they work on, from Nike campaigns to Charli XCX tour visuals, is known to be a physical artefact, hence the name Actual Objects.

The studio was co-founded in Los Angeles by Rick and Claire Farin and Nick Vernet. Every person got here from a unique discipline (architecture, painting and music respectively), however the trio had a shared interest in CGI. Since Actual Objects’ inception in 2019, it has grown right into a roster of directors, artists, researchers and producers, who use emerging technologies to construct radical latest aesthetics and hyperrealities. The team’s core group now includes Cole Daly, Case Miller, Collin Fletcher and Theo Karon and Isabel Levin.

Certainly one of Actual Objects’ most up-to-date projects was Vicky, an interactive film shown as a part of the Future Shock exhibition in London’s 180 The Strand. Its story centred on an impending fictional hurricane in 2028, and was presented across multiple screens, with each screen featuring a unique character’s reflections on the situation. Through its non-linear narrative, the film explored how large-scale events may very well be mediated by technology in the longer term.

Text Morna Fraser

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