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6 Sep

After Months of Waiting, We Finally Got Our Hands

Makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench has put seashells, sequins, and snakeskin prints on skin. She’s plastered bodies in clay and transformed faces into aliens and insects. And, every now and then, she’s had silicone tentacles affixed to her own head. Ffrench brings the word “extreme” to life through her artistry time and time again.

“My work has at all times been multidisciplinary,” says Ffrench, “and I’m now in a position to mix the whole lot that I’ve learned and practiced throughout the years and channel it into one passion project.” She referring to her makeup line, Isamaya Beauty, wherein she is embellishing mascara and lipstick tubes with piercings. “[Years ago], I studied product design, which has lent itself thoroughly to what I’m doing now,” Ffrench tells Allure.

Dan Tobin Smith

The silver hoops studding her debut Berlin-inspired Industrial Collection will be removed and worn for a cool punk vibe. However it’s the formulas inside that we’re piling on. The primary drop features a mascara with a latex finish, a flashy palette crammed with 14 intensely-shimmery shades, a virtually black lip serum, a transparent brow gel that works like magic to groom brows, and a primer that offers skin a glass-like sheen.

“The standout is the palette,” says Ffrench. “You may create a great deal of different looks with it and it’s industrial without looking gritty.” The unique rainbow inside caught senior editor Jesa Calaor’s attention. “The 14 hues on this palette are bewitching,” she says. “The pigments feel silky to the touch and construct from subtle washes of color to high-impact beauty looks. My favorite shade is Sweat, a snowy powder that transforms into an iridescent purple when applied. I prefer to pair with a sharp-winged liner look.” Calaor says. 

Senior Editor Jesa Calaor with shade Sweat from the Isamaya Beauty Eyeshadow Palette glimmering on her eyes.

Jesa Calaor

Isamaya Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

Associate news editor Gabriela Thorne reached for Liplacq, not knowing what to anticipate from the mysterious shade of lip gloss. “Would it not give my lips a sheer black sheen or turn completely transparent on my lips?” Thorne recalls when she first saw the tube. “With just a few swipes, my lips had a shiny, sheer plum hue. And it isn’t tacky or in the least stick.” 

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