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6 Nov

Art shows to go away the home for this

From Arvida Byström’s uncanny sex dolls to Peter Hujar’s star-studded photography archive, we round up the exhibitions it is advisable to see this month

Multi-disciplinary artist Arvida Byström has long prodded ideas of femininity and technology to expand conversations on how they’re defined and intersect. In her latest exhibition and performance piece, A Doll’s House (and the performance, A Cybernetic Doll’s House), the Swedish artist has found a recent collaborator in the shape of an AI sex doll named Harmony. Read our interview with the artist to seek out out more on what to anticipate.

Runs until September 11, 2022

For too long women have been written out of art history – until now. Founding father of The Great Women Artists, Katy Hessel, has penned a book that celebrates previously neglected and erased artists, titled Art History Without Men. The book is a compendium of movements and moments whereby women modified the course of history, leading readers to the current day. The book launch coincides with an exhibition, Still Writing the Story of Art, at Victoria Miro in London to assume the book’s last chapter, the artists defining the 00s, IRL.

Runs until October 1, 2022

Multi-disciplinary artist and Dazed 100 alumni Justen LeRoy explores how “the scream, moan, and melisma… provide a sonic route toward Black environmentalism” in a recent three-channel film installation titled Lay Me Down in Praise, co-directed with Kordae Jatafa Henry. The artist connects the “Earth’s aches and upheavals” with the Black resistance and liberation by layering videos of Black performers and pictures of geological activity – volcanic eruptions, tectonic shifts, and large-scale natural disruptions. 

Running from September 17 2022 to January 21 2023

Six many years since she began making work, Carolee Schneeman is finally getting her first UK retrospective, aptly titled Body Politics, at London’s Barbican. The opening also marks the primary major show since she passed in 2019, abandoning an earth-shattering, history-making legacy as certainly one of the best feminist icons and ladies artists of the last century. Her work fearlessly confronted problems with sexual expression to the objectification of girls, human suffering, war, and so rather more through photography, sculpture, painting, performance, and multimedia installations. Body Politics will house greater than 300 objects, including some rarely seen materials.

Runs from September 8, 2022 to January 8, 2023

1800-HAPPY-BIRTHDAY is a project by artist Mohammad Gorjestani honouring Black and Brown people whose lives were taken by the hands of police violence and systemic racism. People from world wide can leave (and hearken to) voicemails via the web site for Sandra Bland, George Floyd, Michael Brown, and plenty of more people for his or her birthdays listed on the location. Now, the project is launching an exhibition, curated by Klaudia Ofwona Draber, of 12 upcycled payphones to memorialise 12 victims. The space might be crammed with photos and private items of every person being celebrated, in addition to a big mural, flowers, balloons, and birthday cards, offering a moment of community reflection and quiet celebration of those lives taken unjustly.

Runs from September 23, 2022 to January 16, 2023

Hairdresser Stewart Roberts’ charity Haircuts4Homeless has provided haircuts to countless people living with no everlasting residence, learning their stories and giving them a free service that may alter an individual’s perspective and confidence in themselves. Now, teaming up with Angel Central, Haircuts4Homeless has launched a photograph exhibition and accompanying book to humanise those they’ve met along the best way through portraiture and storytelling, in collaboration with photographer Jack Eames and session hairstylist Leigh Keates. The last word aim is to dismantle stigma and challenge stereotypes of those living rough, with all proceeds from the book’s sales going back into the charity to proceed its good work.

Runs until September 18, 2022

Dancing with the Tupinambá is a collaboration between Brazilian artists Fernanda Liberti and Glicéria Tupinambá, centring on the Tupinambá cape (a sacred, ancestral feather ornament made and worn by Brazilians until the sixteenth century). Described as an “exquisite piece of workmanship and design”, the Tupinambá cape is made with over 4,000 feathers by the biggest and first ethnicity in Brazil to make contact with Europeans (who, surprise, tried to erase them) during colonisation, the Tupinambá people.

Through the joint exhibition, the artists travelled to Serra do Padeiro within the south of Bahia, where the last Tupinambá people still live. Liberti photographed the making of the capes (which Glicéria revived in 2020) and the pictures might be exhibited, alongside a video, to have fun Tupinambá land and its people as they’ve begun to say back their space, their safety, and their rights.

Runs from September 16 to 24, 2022

The legend that’s Elton John has curated a 50-photograph survey of the late, great, equally legendary, photographer Peter Hujar – whose work the singer has collected since 2011. Described as a show that “brings together the sensibilities of two remarkable artists”, the curation is pulled from twenty years of Hujar’s work, notably his nudes, his friends, landscapes, and portraits of individuals like Stevie Wonder and Peggy Lee. A portion of the proceeds from sales will go towards the Elton John AIDS Foundation (Hujar tragically succumbed to AIDS-related pneumonia in 1987).

Runs from September 8 to October 22, 2022

Undoubtedly one of the crucial distinguished living artists on the earth and a figurehead for conceptual art, Bruce Nauman is famed for his ongoing experimentation with mediums and his oeuvre. With work spanning sound, sculpture, moving images, and more, Nauman was given his first major exhibition in London in greater than 20 years at London’s Tate Modern in 2020. Now, a recent show at Italy’s Pirelli HangarBicocca examines his spatial and architectural practice through the exhibition of Nauman’s iconic corridors and rooms, which turn these seemingly banal spaces into works of controlled performance through cameras, video monitors, lighting, and sound – all tightly controlled by Nauman’s good mind and execution.

Runs from September 15, 2022 to February 26 2023

LuYang NetiNeti is an artist whose work has been described as “fantastical, often painful, and shocking”. She “destabilises the divisions between past and future, human and machine, and life and death”, through philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, religion, nature, and modern technology, and as such, is the main focus of the Zabludowicz’s annual commission. Titled The Great Adventure of Material World, the exhibition is not going to only premiere the commission, but will even coincide with multiple immersive moving image installations, an interactive arcade gaming space, and a video screening room of the artist’s biggest hits of the last decade.

From September 22, 2022 to February 12, 2023

Smack bang in London’s Trafalgar Square comes The Fourth Plinth’s recent commission, a sculpture titled “Antelope”, by artist Samson Kambalu. The work is a ‘restaging (of) a 1914 photograph of the Baptist preacher and pan-Africanist John Chilembwe and European missionary John Chorley”. In it, Chilenmbwe wears a hat in defiance of a rule that banned Africans from wearing hats within the presence of white people.

Runs from September 14, 2022

Borrowing from the “visuality of British landscape painting” which idealised and romanticised the landscape – and left it “freed from the politics of the time” – British photographer Jermaine Francis presents a recent exhibition titled A Storied Ground. A series of photographs and texts examine “who is taken into account a natural inhabitant of the British landscape”, difficult white ownership as “natural and neutral” by centring Black bodies in these spaces with “unflinching primacy in addition to a natural ease”.

Runs from September 29 to November 18, 2022

British artist Rene Matić continues their examination of Britishness with a recent show titled upon this rock. A solo exhibition that “explores how the nation’s past manifests in its present” also confronts notions of subculture, faith, and family. Upon this rock puts “subculture and spirituality in dialogue, positioning subculture as religion – as saviour or guide”. As well as, Matić will debut bronze and wood sculptures exploring “the crucified skinhead” – symbolising “persecution and alienation” – a subculture (Skinheads) that she has often explored before. A movie will even receive its premiere, of which Matić’s father Paul is its focus, in addition to recent photographs and a private diary that details the artist’s family and community against the backdrop of up to date Britain.

Runs from September 27 to November 23, 2022

An incredible, unmissable mixture of emerging and established artists come together for the most recent iteration of Drawing A Blank – curated by its founder Ben Broome – presented across 4 floors at Latest York City’s Gladstone Gallery. From Arthur Jafa and Mark Leckey to Klein, Rhea Dillon, George Rouy, and Chase Hall, amongst others, Real Corporeal “attempts to disrupt the same old tenor of the gallery space with an arrangement of corporeally rousing work.” Moreover, the show examines the physical body “as an intrusion in the standard gallery space”, and “offers opposition by centring the social as the elemental dimension.”

Runs from September 10 to October 15, 2022

Originally debuted on the seventeenth International Architecture Exhibition on the Venice Biennale, “Plasticity”, by artist Niccolo Casas in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, is a 3.6m high sculpture produced from Parley Ocean Plastic. That’s, “a catalyst material created from upcycled marine plastic waste that has been intercepted from distant islands, beaches and coastal communities” – using cutting-edge 3D printing technology. The sculpture is a reminder of how harmful and indestructible plastic may be transformed into “ecological meaningful” and “complex architectural constructs”.

Runs from September 17 to October 2, 2022

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