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6 Aug

Awww, Millie Bobbie Brown and Her Fiancé Have Matching

Awww, Millie Bobbie Brown and Her Fiancé Have Matching

You realize how some couples look a lot alike that they may pass for brother and sister? (There’s a complete mildly disturbing Instagram account called @siblingsordating that is dedicated to that exact concept.) Well, I’m not saying Millie Bobby Brown looks all that very similar to her fiancé, Jake Bongiovibut they do suddenly resemble one another, a minimum of from the hairline up.

Brown posted a super-cute mirror selfie of herself along with her betrothed on Friday, August 4 — precisely the type of photo you may expect from a pair that is young and in love. Brown is wearing a drapey, yellow dress, a pendant, hoop earrings, and the chic, skinny highlights she’s been sporting for a couple of months. Bongiovi, alternatively, is wearing a white, button-down shirt, a necklace and — quite frankly — the identical rattling highlights as Brown.

OK, so he doesn’t have the very same face-framing money pieces that Brown does, but his hair — an analogous medium-brown base shade as hers — is sprinkled with a lot of anything-but-chunky highlights in an analogous blonde hue. Because nothing says “goin’ to the chapel” quite like matchy-matchy balayage.

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