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26 Aug

Beauty Secrets: Afropunk Edition – Essence

Courtesy Elijah Craig II

Afropunk, the Black music festival acquired by ESSENCE in 2020, kicks off their two-day celebration tomorrow in Brooklyn. The Circus of Soul edition of the fest will feature Black musicians Teyana Taylor, Tobe Nwigwe, Sudan Archives, and more. 

For this week’s Beauty Secrets series, the Afropunk edition tells the must-know secrets to Afro-centric beauty. From hair and makeup, to all of the Black Girl Magic in between, read on for 3 secrets to preparing for Afropunk.



Afropunk is here, so pick your hair. It’s no secret an afro at Afropunk is a hairstyle you may’t go fallacious with (duh!). From kinky curls to loose textures, transitioning hair to super-big ‘fros, it’s secure to say no afro is identical. But, the key to Afropunk is experimentation

From traditional micro-cornrows and elevated, twined updos, to decorated dreadlocks and another style you may personalize. For those who’re short on time, try cornrows with another pattern. These spiritual hairstyles were designed for Black hair types. 



Face paint and ritualistic marks may represent meanings we’re unfamiliar with, as well as to non-public adornment. The key to Afropunk makeup is research. Take a time to research tribal makeup do you have to resolve to duplicate it. Learn concerning the symbolism behind the patterns; these gorgeous markings may tell a story to attach you closer to your roots, and the meaning behind Afropunk. 



Let Queen Nenzima of Mangbetuland be your Afropunk nail inspiration. In response to the American Museum Journal, Nenzima was queen during 4 reigns and the beloved mother of her tribe. The sweetness secret to Afropunk is stiletto nails. Stiletto nails originated in Africa and might be your festival go-to. Wear the long, pointed nails, and add a personal touch to talk to your identity. From jewels and gems let your nails be the unified essence of your Afropunk beauty look.

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