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17 Sep

Beautycon Day 1: A Dazzling Start To A Weekend

Beautycon Day 1: A Dazzling Start To A Weekend

The sun-drenched streets of Los Angeles buzzed with excitement as Beautycon 2023 kicked off its first day. A kaleidoscope of makeup enthusiasts, beauty gurus, and fashionistas descended upon the The Reef, their vibrant outfits and daring cosmetics setting the tone for a weekend all about beauty.

The air was crammed with a symphony of chatter, and the occasional gasp of awe as attendees explored booths showcasing the newest beauty products. Influential speakers similar to ESSENCE’s own President and CEO Caroline Wanga and Marsai Martin graced the stage for a conversation about Martin’s growing brand Mari, and Content Director Nandi Howard moderated a discussion with Amber Nicole and Veondre Mitchell dubbed ‘My Beauty Diary,’ sharing their insights into the ever-evolving world of beauty. From immersive beauty experiences to inspiring panels, the day was a celebration of self-expression, diversity, and the boundless creativity that defines the wonder industry. Beautycon 2023 had officially begun, promising a weekend of unforgettable moments.

Scroll below for a couple of snapshots of the primary day of Beautycon.

Images courtesy Jay B Images

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