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4 Sep

Black Boy Knits Wins 2022 DHL Logistics in Fashion

DHL and the Council of Fashion Designers of America, have chosen Black Boy Knits because the winner of the 2022 DHL Logistics in Fashion Award.

Black Boy Knits will receive a $15,000 grant to further its business internationally and mentorship opportunities from each organizations.

Black Boy Knits is an independent design studio founded by Jacques Agbobly throughout the height of the pandemic in 2020. Their goal is to focus on Black, queer and immigrant narratives and its cultural contributions through a global-focused lens. The studio focuses on creating unique pieces on a made-to-order basis. Black Boy Knits was also a finalist for the 2022 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.

“As an Afro-Indigenous queer immigrant, equity, diversity and empowerment is on the forefront of what I create,” said Agbobly, who was born in Togo, and received his BFA from the Parsons School of Design. “This recognition will allow me to not only expand my business, but additionally achieve my mission of celebrating our culture and identity across the globe through our unique and customised fashion designs,” Agbobly said.

The DHL Logistics in Fashion Award is an element of a bigger partnership with CFDA to assist fashion businesses capitalize on opportunities to expand worldwide. Last March, DHL Express U.S. said it has returned because the exclusive official logistics partner of the CFDA, a partnership geared toward helping fashion businesses capitalize on opportunities to grow worldwide.

“We’re delighted to support emerging fashion designers, like Jacques, by giving them a possibility to grow to latest heights in the worldwide marketplace,” said Cristian Vera, senior vice chairman of sales and marketing at DHL Express Americas. “Our partnership with CFDA and expertise in international logistics has helped a whole lot of companies in the style industry by allowing them to supply quick and reliable shipping to customers worldwide.”

As a part of their partnership, CFDA members and interim members receive exclusive shipping rates and access to DHL office hours, where they will work directly with DHL shipping and logistics professionals and receive expert guidance regarding their global supply chain.

“By facilitating the worldwide supply chain, our partnership with DHL is making it possible for CFDA members and emerging brands alike to expand their businesses internationally. We’re looking forward to seeing how BlackBoy Knits leverages this incredible opportunity to succeed in much more customers across the globe,” said Steven Kolb, chief executive officer of the CFDA.

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