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6 Oct

Business Bandwagon: A Transient Timeline of Trendy Celebrity Firms

The interest around NFTs has reached a fever pitch, with an increasing number of public figures joining the craze every day. But with experts touting the metaverse as the long run of the web and the world as we realize it, it’s comprehensible why celebs would wish to get entangled.

Nevertheless there appears to be a bandwagon effect amongst celebrities for other markets, and the reasoning behind their sudden interest is probably not as clear. For instance, each time we turn around a latest singer, actor or model is announcing the rollout of their latest skincare line, all without having ever publicly shared their interest within the space before now. Some examples include Naomi Osaka’s Kinlo, Lori Harvey’s SKN, Alicia Keys’ Soul Care, and Pharrell’s sold-out Humanrace to call a number of.

“We’ve had so many latest celebrity brands in such a brief time frame that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” said Winnie Awa, founding father of beauty advice platform Carra Awa in a recent interview with the Washington Post. “Why not collaborate with people who find themselves doing the work? Why not put money into a few of these modern independent brands that may’t get funding?”

This appears to be the query on many individuals’s minds, but it surely’s necessary to keep in mind that celebrity business trends aren’t latest. Because the golden-era of Hollywood, stars have aligned themselves with business ventures that make sense for his or her bottom line and have leveraged their fame to make sure the general public help drive sales. In layman’s terms, the celebrity business bandwagon is nothing. Here’s what we mean.

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