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27 Sep

Celeb-fave Brand Heat Healer Is Launching a Multitasking Sauna

Things are heating up at Heat Healer. 

The wellness brand, utilized by celebs like Kourtney Kardashian Barker, Travis Barker and Miranda Kerr, is expanding its heat tech offering with the Energy Sauna, $2,498. Prior to this launch, the brand gained traction for its portable Infrared Sauna Blanket, $598. Sauna blankets are buzzy on social media straight away, with nearly 27 million views on the #SaunaBlanket hashtag on TikTok.

The Energy Sauna, which will be packed up in a case, combines three technologies: far infrared heat meant to detox the body, 36 red LED lights at 660 nanometers aimed to advertise healthy skin, and PEMF (pulsed magnetic energy) designed to spice up cell energy. For Heat Healer founder Lauren Dovey, combining these technologies makes the Energy Sauna more efficient for users so as to add to their routine. Plus, the machine allows users to opt to make use of a number of the tech at a time or all three options directly. 

“Why don’t we add in those technologies that folks are trained to make use of individually anyway, otherwise, your day goes to be filled up with, ‘I would like to do my red light and I would like to do my PEMF and my sauna’ so why not do it all of sudden,” Dovey said of the genesis for the product. “That may be a massive profit in comparison with the sauna blanket.” 

While customers can use the Energy Sauna for 60 minutes day by day, Dovey recommends no less than three or 4 sessions weekly to see probably the most advantages.

The compact, stand-alone design was essential for Dovey, as her biggest qualm with sauna blankets was an absence of aesthetic appeal. While she is a fan of the Heat Healer Infrared Sauna Blanket, especially for those entering the category or looking to avoid wasting on space, she said the Energy Sauna has a more elevated approach. 

“I wanted some form of wellness device that also featured as its own stand-alone, statement piece that when people come to your private home, they’ll ask you about it and you possibly can discuss the way you’re having fun with wellness yourself,” she told WWD. 

Biohacking technologies, like sauna blankets and red light therapies, are garnering interest from each consumers and retailers. Sephora recently added HigherDose, a wellness tech brand, to its online offerings. Moreover, the #Biohacking hashtag on TikTok has greater than 700 million views.

While the brand declined to share specific sales figures, it expects a 30 percent growth opportunity from the launch of the Energy Sauna. By way of future launches, Heat Healer is entirely focused on the warmth tech category.

“Our strategy is to be the leaders in heat,” Dovey said.

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